How to choose the right shelves? Why decorate the walls with shelves?

mensole da parete

The shelves decorate the walls and create extra space, where you can store your objects (ex. pictures and memories, scented candles, your collection of animals …)

Luckily there are shelves for every taste, of different colors, shapes and sizes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing:
1. Soft or stronger colors? Colors that adapt to the rest of the furniture or completely different in order to give an extra touch? The question is certainly subjective, but we advise you to choose the finish that best coordinates with the walls, and with the style of furniture in your home.

2. What will be placed on it? Imagine how you want to use them, what you want to put on them; this answer will be useful to understand the necessary depth of the shelf

Shelves and cube shelves are furnishing accessories that can make a difference. In almost every room, these furnishing elements certainly have a practical function, but also an aesthetic one, as the paintings and pictures characterize the walls, and attract the attention of those who enter the room.

It should be noted that the corner shelves are a particular type of shelf designed to fit into the corners between two walls. These shelves are perfect allies when it comes to optimizing the smallest spaces, since they provide an excellent support surface, without cluttering up the space and in addition they allow you to exploit parts of the room that are otherwise unusable with style and practicality.

Some tips before placing them:

1. Before drilling the wall, help yourself with the scotch paper by placing the shelves on the walls as you plan to place them, or even with a paper template (so you already have an idea);

2. Evaluate what you want to position on it, to understand how far you want to put them;

3. Store books with objects, put some books vertically and others horizontally, and sort them by colors to create “movement”

After these suggestions, browse our catalog to choose your wall shelves or cube shelves, useful to store objects with style!

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