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How to furnish a modern bedroom: ideas and tips

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When we find ourselves furnishing a modern bedroom we are faced with what only appears to be an easy task.
In fact, furnishing the bedroom means being able to create an intimate and comfortable environment, capable of disconnecting us from everyday worries and, in short, a place of rest for both body and soul.

To achieve this goal, there are several important issues to keep in mind when choosing our bedroom furniture. In this article we try to analyze these aspects together in order to face this challenge one step at a time and achieve our goal: a fantastic modern style bedroom!

What furniture to choose for a modern style bedroom

Even before choosing the furniture to be placed in the bedroom, we’ll have to identify the right room to furnish. To guarantee a good rest, a bedroom must be as far as possible from any external noise and, at the same time, have good brightness. In fact, the bedroom may not only be meant for night rest, but also for a relaxing moment such as reading a good book while lying down in bed.

Once you have identified the right room to transform into your new bedroom, you can choose the right furnishing accessories that will give the room a refined modern style. A modern bedroom doesn’t just include a comfortable bed, but also creates the right atmosphere that features a harmonious combination of the different elements that make up the room. In fact, you will have to choose the lighting, the colour of the walls and the right combination of bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and all the other furnishings you want to place.

But where do you start furnishing a modern bedroom? Below we will see some furnishing ideas to create the bedroom of your dreams.

How to choose the right bed for your modern bedroom

The first thing to do is choose which wall the head board will rest on, since it will be the one that will first catch the eye: enhance it with a beautiful picture or just paint that wall in a different colour. Another way you can highlight this wall is by using shelves. In fact, you can create personalised combinations with Angelica shelves or First shelves and make your modern bedroom unique.

When choosing the bed and its design, personal taste comes into action. However, for a modern bedroom, opt for a bed with a minimalist design and no footboard.

Today there are total or partial coverings in padded fabric or imitation leather that really offer a wide choice in terms of the colour palette that you can choose from. Otherwise opt for a wooden structure with a natural finish, which is easy to clean and capable of recreating a nature-inspired look that will help you relax. A particularly popular trend in modern bedrooms is the floating bed, i.e. without support feet and fixed directly to the wall through the headboard. The effect will defy the laws of gravity by giving the whole bedroom a modern and light style.

Also remember the importance of dressing your bed according to the colour palette you have chosen for your modern bedroom. The latest trend in the bed styling world is to create a soft and welcoming feel, so abound with pillows and blankets!

bed modern bedroom
Angelica Shelves # Rustic Oak (huisje133)

Bedside table for modern bedrooms

A piece of furniture that your bedroom cannot be missing is the bedside table.

A floating bedside table with a minimalist design is what we recommend to give your bedroom a unique style. A bedside table with drawers will allow you to keep the room tidy and will protect your belongings from dust. A bedside table without drawers, on the other hand, will give your modern bedroom an even more minimalist touch, while leaving all its contents on display.

The Riccardo floating bedside table, for example, is equipped with a drawer and allows you to personalise your bedroom to the max. In fact, you can use several bedside tables by creating unique wall combinations. Choose the height, in relation to the bed, that guarantees maximum comfort.

bedsidetable modern bedroom
Riccardo Wall bedside table, Rustic Oak (thisismyhome) and Martino Bedside Table, Rustic Oak (oncedeabril)

Modern bedroom mirror

Round, square or rectangular, the mirror is a very important bedroom accessory.

In fact, a mirror is able to give greater depth to the environment by deceiving our eye and making the room appear more spacious. Furthermore, the mirror reflects the light in the room, creating that bright environment that a modern bedroom requires.

There are different ways to place a mirror into your bedroom decor: you can hook it to the wall or simply lean it against it as in the case of the Angelica mirror, or opt for the rounded and modern design of the Olivia mirror.

Discover all our mirror models to furnish your modern bedroom!

rectangular mirror
Angelica wall / floor Mirror, 160x67 cm, Rustic Oak (decoestilo12)
round mirror
Olivia Round Mirror, 64 cm diameter, Rustic Oak (_athiseo_)

Modern bedroom chest of drawers

A chest of drawers with modern and elegant lines certainly brings an extra touch of design to your bedroom, as well as storing clothes and bed linen.
You can choose between different styles and materials that make up the chest of drawers (with or without handles), but remember that a bedroom chest of drawers must match the design of the bedside tables and be in harmony with the colour palette you have chosen to use.

The Iacopo dresser features three fabric-lined drawers with a push-opening system. Additionally, its sleek glass top creates a truly unique surface for your photographs and storage!

chest of drawers bedroom
3-Drawer Dresser with glass top, Ashwood White Special Price (home_by_ellie)

What curtains to choose for a bedroom

Curtains complete your room decor, giving it character.

In a modern style bedroom you will have to avoid lace and classic decorations. Instead, prefer solid-coloured curtains that belong to the same colour palette as the furniture you have chosen.
You can also opt for curtains with geometric, stylised or floral patterns, but always maintaining a chromatic consistency with the rest of your furniture.

As for the material of the curtains, avoid the heaviest ones such as velvet, unless you want to use the curtains as blackout, and prefer lighter materials that allow more light to pass through, such as linen.

curtains bedroom
Coat stand, Emma Rustic Oak (miriammiaam) and Martino Bedside Table, Ashwood White (pisodesdecero)

What wall colors to choose for a modern bedroom

Warm colours, neutral colours or cool colours? How do you choose the perfect shade for your modern bedroom wall?

Keep in mind that colour plays a really important role, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for its power to influence people’s moods. Do not choose a wall colour that contrasts too much with the floor finish: always remember to maintain a chromatic balance within the room.

If your bedroom is not very bright, avoid shades that are too dark since they would end up weighing down your modern bedroom. Furthermore, according to the chromotherapy principles, the best colours to use in the sleeping area are the cold ones, which are associated with water and moonlight, capable of favouring rest.
Our advice is to use soft neutral colours that give the right chromatic balance to your bedroom, but you could use a different shade to enhance the wall on which the headboard rests.

bedroom colours idea
Riccardo Wall bedside table, Rustic Oak (my_cube_house)

How to light up a modern bedroom

In a modern bedroom you can choose an eye-catching design chandelier to light up the space and if your room is large you can also use more than one.

Another lighting system that can be used consists of downlights placed 30-40 cm from each other or LED lights to brighten the darkest corners of the room or to replace the classic table lamp.

However, remember to prefer a warm and relaxing light, lighting up the rooms indirectly to create a soft and relaxing light that helps rest.

how to light up modern bedroom
Angelica Shelves # Rustic Oak (huisje133)

How to furnish a small bedroom

Today’s houses oftenly offer smaller spaces than in the past. This leads to the search for space-saving solutions that can enhance every inch of our bedroom, without giving up on the modern style we want to achieve.

Below you will find some ideas and tips to follow to furnish a small bedroom in the best possible way!

  • Choose a storage bed that allows you to reduce the size of your wardrobe if not eliminate it altogether, gaining space. There are also foldaway beds that allow you to transform your room into an office by day and a bedroom by night;
  • Choose a wall colour tone that gives the room as much brightness as possible, such as white or another neutral colour;
  • Place a mirror that gives greater depth to the room and reflects the light, increasing the brightness of the whole environment;
  • Take advantage of the wall space through wall cabinets and floating bedside tables that are also easier to clean. Try to adopt a functional minimalist style;
  • Remember that your bedroom is not a showroom, so limit the decorations leaving only the essential things in full view!
furnish small bedroom
Small Single Size Mattress 80x190cm, Rossella, in Memory Foam (marta_nordicstyle)

Furnishing a modern bedroom is not as simple as it might seem and requires choices that make the environment relaxing, functional and beautiful to look at. If you need some more advice for decorating a small bedroom, read our article on how to make the most of your bedroom space.