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How to use the available space of a bedroom

If you’re looking for a bedroom right now, you’ve certainly noticed how much smaller and smaller properties are becoming popular. Fortunately, we’re still a long way from Japan’s micro-apartment standards, but you get the idea that space needs to be rationed. A single room, including a large single mattress, , requires at least 9 square meters, while a double room requires at least 14 square meters.

Designing new spaces is always stimulating, especially if they are ours. With spacious rooms it may seem like child’s play, but by freeing your creativity even the smallest ones will be fun to study: you will be the one to choose the right color, the spaces needed to contain clothes and objects, which you will have to love and look at with a smile day after day. Consider alternative solutions capable of leveraging surfaces through smart storage systems.

Mirrors: our number one ally
The main objective is to make the room look more spacious than it really is. Since you can’t physically enlarge it you’ll have to apply some clever trick.

The virtues of mirrors have been known for centuries, ever since the wealthiest families competed to see who had the most adorned mirrored walls. Over the years they have maintained their charm due to their ability to reflect their surroundings. This prerogative makes them extremely useful when you want to deceive the eye: they reflect the light and the walls in front of them, creating the pleasant illusion of more generous surfaces. For this reason, abound: dare in the shape and size of the frames, decorate your room in an original way!
We suggest either a closet with mirrored door, or, an alternative solution, and much cheaper, is our floor standing mirror Angelica. Made in Italy product, it will give a refined look to your bedroom.

A valid alternative, for our readers with a more eclectic taste, is our Olivia: an elegant round mirror that gives dynamism and character to the surrounding environment.

A tidy environment will appear more comfortable and larger
Over the years we tend to accumulate an unspeakable amount of clothes, and accessories, which from occupying all the space in the closet are then transferred to the chair, bedside table and desk. In many cases, this situation is not caused by a lack of furniture capacity, but by the way you accumulate items. If you find yourself in this description, it’s probably time to reorganize your bedroom more efficiently, and consider decluttering as a way of life. Decluttering is a term that literally means “getting rid of clutter,” and in addition to making a place look more organized and spacious at a glance, it brings real psychological benefits.

Our smart tip is to opt for smart furniture. From beds with drawers, to multifunctional desks, in case you need to study, or work, inside your room. Our Giuditta console table is ideal: linear and small in size, it’s designed to keep things tidy. Goodbye tangles of cables and tricks scattered around the room, now you can optimize the space with a simple click.

If this is not enough, consider alternative solutions to the classic bedside table: get the space you need by thinking vertically. Every wall can be the scene of a display: take advantage of the space available to you with wall bookcases, wall shelves and suspended bedside tables.
An example of a modern nightstand that might be right for you is our Riccardo. Extremely versatile, it is designed to give more usability to your space. To be hung either alone or in a series, it will give an original touch to your room, and allow you to clean the floors with greater ease.

A focus on color and lighting
Colors, especially light hues, can also help create the illusion of a larger-than-life space. Hues such as light blue, vanilla, and cream, provide greater brightness by reflecting light, resulting in a radiant room that is not cramped. A solution in style is that of total white , broken up by contrasts on beige and black in the details, such as pictures on the walls, a carpet or a pillow cover. A majority of dark shades such as blue, gray or black will make your room look even smaller, giving a feeling of oppression to those who live it daily… We don’t recommend them!
If light colors aren’t your thing, use brighter hues like orange, cherry red or turquoise: they will make a big impact without affecting the perspective of the room in any way.

Try to give uniformity to the room, in this case are good allies even the textile accessories. The choice of mattress and bed frames is not to be underestimated: always opt for certified materials and breathable, it is essential to ensure that your spine a correct posture and natural, do not save on the quality of your sleep! Whenever possible, favor for lightweight fabrics for both your queen bed and drapes. As winter approaches, however, consider a variety of blankets in the same shades, but with different textures.

Light can also make a difference. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good supply of natural light, when possible, we recommend organizing the arrangement of the furniture so as to make the most of its presence, to create a bright and airy space.
Alternatively, a good interior lighting design allows the space to be enlarged, illuminating it evenly to avoid dark corners.

We hope you found this article helpful, please share your room photos with us, we will repost them within our social profiles!