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Our Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen ideas

The kitchen is the heart of our homes: it is the room where we share meals, but also where we spend great moments in company. We often tend to define a modern kitchen as a designer kitchen without any personality. However, this is absolutely not the case. It is possible to create a stylish room with a convivial atmosphere even when you design a modern kitchen. Discover now all our modern kitchen design ideas!

Which furniture to choose in a modern kitchen?

First of all, the rhythm of our daily life has radically changed over the years and still impacts today the choice of furniture in our homes. That is why the pieces of furniture in a modern kitchen décor must be chosen carefully since this space must be both beautiful and functional.

When decorating a modern kitchen, the first element to select is obviously the table! In order to choose the right one, you need to take various factors into consideration: the space you have at your disposal, your kitchen decor and the use you will make of your table.

If you want to save space in your room, we recommend opting for an extending table as its size can be adjusted according to the number of guests. You can also choose an original table, with iron legs and a concrete finish to give an industrial style to your modern kitchen design. Another option is a table with a warm wood finish, such as rustic oak for example. The latter is perfect to warm up the atmosphere and give life to a very cosy room.

Then, another important characteristic of modern kitchens in interior design is the use of functional furniture. That is why the cooking corner is generally designed in such a way that only the essential elements are visible, which recalls the main principles of the minimalist style. For example, you can use furniture with closed storage such as wall cupboards, to hide your dishes and your kitchen utensils. This allows you not to take up valuable space in your room. These cupboards are ideal to optimise the space of your modern kitchen!

If you want to strengthen this modern kitchen style, why not add a bar table as a kitchen island to extend the worktops. With its straight lines, it puts the finishing touch to your modern kitchen decor! This high table appeals to many because it is very practical for quick breakfasts and lunches. It allows you to create a cosy corner where you can discuss with your family or welcome guests while you cook dinner!

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas: the best colours

Choosing the colours of your kitchen is very important because the goal is to create a harmonious room. You obviously need to take all the kitchen elements into consideration including electrical appliances and furniture.

Usually, the colours that prevail in modern kitchen design are generally soft and quite neutral. One of the most popular shades of modern kitchens in interior design is white. Even though it has now become a classic, it surely is a timeless colour and it can be easily combined with other shades and materials. For example, the warmth of wood tones can soften an all-white kitchen and create a welcoming and convivial atmosphere, which is typical of Scandinavian design.

If you wish to have a kitchen that never goes out of style, you can choose black. As it is the case for white, its association with warm wood tones is iconic and brings a very modern space to life. This colour is adapted to modern kitchen design. Not only will it give more depth to your room, but it will also allow you to make a bold statement. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more delicate space, grey is just as elegant and easy to combine with a wide variety of materials.

When decorating a modern kitchen, you can obviously add a touch of bright colour. Indeed, kitchens with modern design usually include various shades and materials to bring our its simple lines. If you want to include some colour in a subtle way, why not opt for colourful chairs that you can mix and match around the table?

Modern Kitchen Design: Now customise your space

When you design your modern kitchen, it is important to give space to your personality. Here are some modern kitchen ideas to easily express yourself:

  • Decorate your kitchen walls with paintings or some photos. Another option is to hang a mirror that will illuminate the room by reflecting natural light and will thus make it look bigger.
  • Add some shelves above your counter top or on another wall. They are perfect to help you keep your kitchen tidy and to easily express your personality in your modern kitchen decor. You can then style them with natural, artificial or aromatic plants to add some life to your room, with some recipe books or even with silverware that you particularly like!
  • Use table linen, you can play with the different colours of placemats and napkins to create unique table settings for any occasion, from family breakfasts to dinner parties with friends.

To conclude, if you wish to design a modern kitchen, choose functional furniture with clean lines. To make sure you will never get bored with your kitchen, we advise you to choose white, black or grey furniture as these three shades are easy to combine with other colours and materials. However, do not forget to reflect your personality in your kitchen through accessories, shelves or table linen!

In short, the modern style is a true source of inspiration for your kitchen!

Now, set the table for an elegant dinner to add the final touch to your modern kitchen design!