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How To Set an Elegant Table?

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Are you organising an important dinner for a special occasion? Once you have come up with all the ideas for your menu, it is time to focus on your table decor, which is just as important! Many think that it is quite hard to create an elegant table setting, but on the contrary, it is not! In this article, we share with you all our elegant table setting ideas.

Table linen: the perfect basis for a chic table decor

Table linen is an essential element when setting an elegant table. They will surely help you set a sophisticated and classy tone for your evening!

Firstly, you can opt for a white tablecloth, which is perfect for an elegant table decor. It has indeed now become a classic in table settings. Even though it is sometimes underestimated, the tablecloth appears as the perfect background to create a beautiful table decoration! You could also add a refined touch with a table runner and a stunning centrepiece.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful wooden table that you would like to show off, you can choose to use only table runners or even placemats, preferably in a neutral and delicate colour. In this case, you might prefer, for example, white tableware that will create a pleasant contrast with your wooden table.

Nevertheless, we advise you to avoid paper napkins at all costs and to use cloth napkins instead. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also add a stylish detail to your chic table decor!

Which colours to choose for an elegant table setting?

You must choose the colours for an elegant table decor carefully because the final result must be harmonious.

First of all, white is certainly the colour that best symbolises elegance as well as its numerous shades such as cream, beige or even ivory. However, it also possible to add a touch of colour to an elegant table setting, for example by using sage green napkins or a navy-blue table runner! You can opt for a more contemporary colour scheme with black napkins or table runners, which will both match with your modern kitchen decor!

Pastel colours, which are more so trendy right now, appear as another interesting option. They add a lovely touch of colour to your decoration and will create a relaxing atmosphere. However, if you want to dare to create a more original and elegant table decor, try using black! In some accessories or boldly in a full black table setting, elegance is guaranteed!

Customise your chic table decor

Depending on the occasion, you can obviously customise your elegant table décor! With a little creativity, it is possible to imagine a table setting that will amaze your guests and create a festive and elegant atmosphere for all your important events!

In order to avoid exaggerating with accessories for your chic table decor, these must be used with some balance. For example, napkins folded in an original way and placed on the plate can be considered as an accessory, just like your glass or ceramic carafes, which can also be used as decorative objects!

Furthermore, a centrepiece may be one of the best ways to express your personality in an elegant table setting. In this case, there are many possibilities: you can use some freshly cut flowers, delicate candles or some accessories to show your love for the current season or adapted to the event you are organising!

Nonetheless, we advise you against using accessories that might prevent your guests from interacting with one another, such as a flower arrangement that is too tall for example. Apart from an elegant table decor, the aim still is to share a great moment all together!

Finally, if you have chosen to use only a table runner on your table, a great idea to enhance it might be to add various mini transparent vases on it.

In conclusion, an elegant table setting is more than essential for a special occasion! If you do not know how to set up a chic table decor, start by creating your own table decoration with cloth table linen! However, you must not forget to find the perfect and harmonious colour palette! Finally, add a touch of fantasy thanks to various accessories that will make a strong statement in your elegant table setting!

Nonetheless, if you prefer to organise barbecues and lunches in your garden, discover all our ideas for a perfect outdoor table setting!