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How to set the perfect Christmas table?

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The tree is up, gifts are wrapped and the holiday menu is approved… Now all you have to do is choose your Christmas dining table decor. Regardless of your style, there are many ways to create a wonderful holiday table setting and a true festive atmosphere! In this article, you will find some Christmas table decor ideas to make it unique! You’ll look forward to hosting Christmas dinner this year with all your uncles and cousins!

To set the Christmas table, you need to choose it first!

This year, if it is your turn to host the family Christmas dinner with many guests, you must first choose the right dining table. In order to avoid any problem of space, we advise you to use a table with dimensions that allow you to fit friends and family around it. We usually tend to leave a 24-inch space for every person gathered around your table.

The second factor you need to take into account is the number of guests that will be seating at the table. If you organise an intimate Christmas dinner with four people for example, you can safely choose a 80×80-cm square table. A round table can be another great solution since it is considered a convivial table! Indeed, it allows your guests to directly interact with each other and creates a cosy atmosphere, which is ideal for Christmas. In both cases, the best choice is to opt for a simple and minimalist Christmas dining table decor so as to avoid making your guests feel too cramped.

On the other hand, if you have six or more people coming over, a rectangular table is certainly the best choice. It allows you to accommodate all your guests and to have more space for your Christmas centerpiece.

Any last-minute guests? Don’t worry! In this case, if your place allows, use an extendable table that will certainly solve all your space problems. Its main advantage is that it can be extended according to the number of people coming over at your house for Christmas.

christmas extendable table
Iacopo extendable dining table, Rustic oak
extending dining table christmas
Iacopo extendable dining table, Rustic oak

Which colour schemes to try for a wonderful Christmas table setting?

When setting your Christmas table, the best way to start is by choosing a theme that will suit the atmosphere of your home. There are many possibilities, but colour combinations must be carefully studied and tested. You must also keep in mind to not use more than three different colours to create the perfect Christmas table decor! Now, all you have to do is choosing your favourite theme:

  • Traditional theme: if you love Christmas traditions, you’ll certainly prefer all the classic Christmas colours such as green or red that will immediately put you in the Christmas mood. The holiday season is the perfect moment to embrace traditions by putting some typical Christmas objects on your table such as small Christmas trees, baubles, snowflakes, reindeers and Father Christmas.
  • Scandinavian theme: do you prefer a simple and natural style this year? Then, style a Scandinavian Christmas table! For example, you can use bright and neutral colours such as white, grey or even beige for the table linen. Natural materials are also typical of Scandinavian decor and you can use them in your table setting, without going overboard. Indeed, minimalism is one of the most important characteristics of this decorating style. You could for example add some holly branches, rattan placemats or even wicker bread baskets. This theme also gives you the possibility to create contrasts on your table. So, now you can have fun combining elements of different sizes and colours.
  • Elegant theme: to set up a glamorous Christmas table, use elegant colour combinations such as black and gold or white and silver. On the one hand, black adds a touch of originality while gold will instantly capture your guests’ attention. On the other hand, if you do not dare using black, the white and silver combination is just as sophisticated. With silver baubles, a white tablecloth and candles, it becomes quite easy to make your Christmas table sparkle!
  • Shabby chic theme: if you are a great fan of romantic decorating styles, the shabby chic decor will make you dream! For your Christmas dining table decor, create a rustic atmosphere by using various natural materials like jute or linen for your table linen. You can choose a white lace tablecloth to give a vintage twist. The best colours for a shabby chic Christmas table setting are pastel colours, red or white and why not use some silver and gold accessories.
  • Lodge theme: recreate the magical atmosphere of a ski lodge in your Christmas table decor! Use wood, red and obviously white, the colour of snow. You can opt for a tartan tablecloth with white plates and a centerpiece made of holly leaves, pine cones and coloured candles. Trust us, you’ll feel like in a chalet on Christmas day!
Evolution high table, 120x40 cm, Rustic oak
elegant christmas table
Easy extendable dining table and Greta chairs

Setting the Christmas table with tableware and table linen

Table linen and tableware are two essential elements when it comes to Christmas table decor. Therefore, these must be chosen carefully in accordance with the style you have chosen for your table setting.

When it comes to Christmas tableware, you can try to impress your guests with your casual dining set and focus on small decorations to give a festive feel! If you are looking for a rather neutral solution that you can use every year, choose white plates that suit every style! You can also modernise your table with contrasting plates for each course, while respecting the colour scheme you have chosen for your Christmas table setting.

However, you must not overlook an important element namely charger plates. Also known as underplates, they protect the tablecloth from hot dishes and are mainly function as a decorative item in your Christmas dining table decor. You must of course choose them bearing the theme of your Christmas table in mind. Wonderful red charger plates will recall Christmas traditions, while a more unusual colour such as black will certainly add a touch of originality. If you are looking for underplates that you can reuse for other occasions, choose white ones: they are fresh and easy to use in every style.

And regarding silverware? To properly put silverware on the table, you must set forks to the left of the plate while knives and spoons should be placed on the right. If you have several courses, utensils must be put in the order of use. However, the dessert spoon is placed above the plate.

Table linen is an essential element to set the Christmas table. If you have chosen a traditional festive theme for your Christmas dining table, you might prefer a Christmas tablecloth, while if your table setting is more sophisticated, choose a neutral colour for your tablecloth such as white or black. In this way, you will be able to use it all year long. However, if you have a wonderful wooden table, forget about the tablecloth and go for a simple table runner to enhance your natural and rustic dining table.

Gioele napkin and placemat
Angelica extendable console table

Finally, brighten up your Christmas table décor with cloth napkins, which are more ecological and elegant than paper napkins! Regarding the colours to choose, we advise you to coordinate your napkin colour to your theme in order to obtain a harmonious table decor.

Dive into the Christmas spirit with a centerpiece and some accessories!

It is surely important to choose silverware and table linen, but you must not forget to think about the accessories that will help you personalising your Christmas table setting.

First of all, even though it is regarded as an accessory, the centerpiece makes a great impact on any festive table! Its style obviously depends on your preferences, but its dimensions must be chosen according to the number of guests and the table dimensions. The centerpiece is designed to impress your guests and create a great Christmas atmosphere. However, it must not be too big so as to leave space on the table for plates and allow your guests to feel comfortable.

A first DIY Christmas centerpiece idea is to use pine cones, walnuts, red berries and pine or holly branches. You can pick these up during a walk in the woods and place them directly on your table runner. Easy to make, this centerpiece will bring a natural and authentic touch to your table setting! You can also use silver or gold glitter in order to make it sparkly! However, if your table is small, why not use a Christmas wreath that you can easily customise by placing a candle in the middle.

If you want to make another type of DIY Christmas centerpiece, you can find inspiration in Christmas traditions and use their typical elements. For example, if you have opted for a natural composition, you can add some Christmas baubles of different colours and sizes or simply put them on an elegant tray. When choosing colours, opt for classic Christmas tones such as red, green or gold and add a modern touch with black or white.

christmas table linen
Gioele napkin and table runner
Iacopo extendable dining table, Walnut

LTo set the Christmas table, add some candles in your centerpiece. It is a simple way to create a cosy and bright atmosphere. For example, combine candles of different sizes, but of the same colour along your table runner to add a dynamic touch. Another great idea is to put Christmas lights on your table runner or around your centerpiece to create a magical atmosphere. You can never overdo with light at Christmas anyway!

Finally, to create the perfect Christmas table setting down to the smallest detail, think about adding placemarks for your guests. Not only are they easy to make with scissors and a pen, but they are also useful to organise your big table. So, why not create simple and elegant placemarks that will add a touch of simplicity to your Christmas dining table decor?

If you still lack inspiration for the holiday season, check out our tips and tricks to create a natural Christmas decor in your home.