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All-natural Christmas: how to decorate your home, without waste

The most magical holiday of the year is coming up.
It is exactly at this special time that decorating the rooms of one’s home becomes a pleasant moment of togetherness, to be shared with beloved ones.
The decorations of the Christmas holidays do not end with the two traditional objects of the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene; the decorations extend like a thematic red thread through all the spaces in the home.

How to do something different that stands out from the usual Christmas decorations?
The first step in bringing the magic of Christmas into your home is to choose the colors and style that best suit your decor.
For a classic decorating style, the colors to choose are the traditional ones: red, gold, silver, green and white. But if you have opted for a more modern, minimalist style, there is no limit to creativity and imagination: to make your Christmas atmosphere a success, natural Christmas decorations are a must.

Rule number one: don’t overdo it.
Less is more is the mantra to repeat in these circumstances, simplicity is always a good strategy. We therefore recommend a minimalist approach, and in this respect the Scandinavians have a lot to teach us. Their houses are reduced to the essentials, as are their decorations.

The first impact of a house, the one that strikes the visitor, is undoubtedly the entrance. Decorating your home for the Christmas period means embellishing this room (which sometimes appears a little unadorned compared to the rest).
In addition to relying on classic Christmas decorations, this year we pay attention to the console.
Take our white ash Giuditta console table, for example, where there is usually a handy pocket emptier, space for a small nativity scene, a small wooden tree and cinnamon-scented candles. If you have the time and a Bohemian soul, you can try your hand at creating interesting natural arrangements: combine pine twigs, holly leaves and pine cones with raw fabrics such as canvas and linen.
They will give a rustic and well-kept touch, as well as infusing their fragrance throughout the house. Trying is believing.

If you don’t like the glitz of decorations in every room and in every corner and prefer a more intimate Christmas, you can focus on the small details, perfect to remind you that Christmas is an atmospheric celebration and not necessarily a blaze of lights.
An innovative and simple idea is to decorate doors and cupboards with small garlands of mistletoe, holly or pine cones. What we are trying to suggest is a greener Christmas, in the name of natural elements: no plastic or synthetic materials, but only and exclusively wood, berries and string to tie your ornaments, which will certainly not go unnoticed by your guests.

Even the Christmas tree, the undisputed protagonist of the living room, should be reduced in size: small, without excessive decorations, but only with the classic balls, in colored glass, it can be placed on a small wooden table or on a shelf. Take our Emma sideboard, for example, in walnut or oak lends itself particularly well to this kind of combination.
Careful attention also needs to be paid to the choice of lighting: let’s not be ostentatious, let’s keep small bright lights, without colors and without flashing. A thin wire can be placed around an arch inside the house to highlight the architecture, or to underline the profile of the fireplace.

The kitchen is the warmest and most atmospheric room in the house. This is where food is prepared and enjoyed with family and friends. Christmas decorations should in no way interfere with its functionality, and with the preparation of dishes, but limits encourage original solutions.
First of all, let’s talk about aromatic plants: parsley, chili peppers, sage, rosemary and thyme, if placed side by side, will create their own microclimate, as well as a joyful kitchen with an unmistakable aroma. The charm of the small terracotta pots is undeniable, just add some strings of raffia and a few balls of boiled wool, and they will look lovely and unexpected.

Let’s move on to the highlight: setting the perfect Christmas table.
If, like us, you have an extendable table at your disposal, such as the Easy table in pearl elm, it is important to pay attention to every single detail for an impeccable mise en place.
A recent trend is the use of home-made decorations made of paper or wood. This is a creative strategy for those who have time to spare, or children to try their hand at it. Using silver, bronze and gold decorations will make them look less flat and give a touch of richness, luxury and warmth to the parties.
We suggest you always opt for sober combinations and choose objects that, chromatically and stylistically, do not create contrast and are not an obstacle to diners. It is therefore necessary to consider candles, centerpieces, place cards and cutlery racks that are in harmony with each other. For those who prefer a more natural decoration, we suggest placing cinnamon sticks, fir twigs, holly and red berries on the table.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, and we are sure that your home is looking impeccable right now.
If you have followed our advice, please share your best photos with us! We wish you a happy Christmas …. all natural