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STUDIOS: A guide to furnishing while optimizing space

Finding your own dimension in a home is important, you don’t always need big spaces, you need big ideas.
The studios are small, but it is also possible to do some fancy things in a few square meters, as long as you prioritize your needs and choose what you want.

One of the first things to do is to think of strategies to optimize the space available to furnish the studio in a way that enhances its visual effect.
A mezzanine floor for the sleeping area can sometimes only accommodate a single bed, but becomes a useful sacrifice to recover precious space to be used for other rooms such as the kitchen.

The secret of it all is to pay attention to a few little things

Choose the right wall colour.
As we have always said, light colours such as white, ivory or pastel colours, as well as giving light, tend to enlarge the space. Dark colours, on the other hand, are very much discouraged in small rooms because, on the contrary, they tend to make everything seem even smaller.

Remembering that light is important.
This, too, can help make everything look bigger if it is played to its best advantage. In addition to natural light, concentrate on a few lamps, perhaps suspended, so as not to take away space and clutter.

Choosing furniture carefully.
The important thing is that they are in proportion to the room and as functional as possible.
A square folding extension table such as our ELDORADO, thanks to its small size, can help you to optimize space: it occupies a surface area of 90x90cm, but once opened it can reach 180cm.

Alternatively, we recommend FIRST, the 45x90cm extending console table, which is perfect both as a kitchen table and as a piece of furniture at the entrance to the home. When closed it takes up little space, but if necessary it can be opened to seat up to 14 people.

Another fine example of space-saving is the suspended bedside table RICCARDO: a complement that furnishes any bedroom area but is also useful in the rest of the house. If placed one on top of the other (to have a taller bedside table) or one next to the other (as if to create a suspended console table), play at inventing new positions.

Another play on heights is created by the CUBE shelves, “open” wall shelves useful for storing objects such as books and accessories in the kitchen area or simply a design piece to embellish the wall of the living area.

Keep in mind that fabrics make a difference.
The same rule applies to textiles as to walls: light, bright colours brighten up the room. For curtains, always go for light-coloured, light fabrics and even better for transparent ones.

Remember that mirrors give space.
Recommended for decorating small spaces, mirrors give the illusion that the room may appear larger than it really is. In our online shop you will find different styles of wall mirrors: round, square and rectangular…many options for different tastes and needs.

Living in a cozy space will help you to maintain a unique style throughout the house, free from the superfluous such as in a minimalist house, have no dead spots on the walls and stimulate your creativity with alternative solutions.