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CLEANING: How to clean laminated furniture without the risk of ruining it?

All the furniture on the MOBILI FIVER website is created within our company, with the exception of the chairs, which are made of polypropylene and purchased from external suppliers.

The material used is laminated: a chipboard panel covered on both sides with melamine paper. The melamine sheet can be coated, like our gloss finish, or textured, with an effect that simulates the surface of wood (such as oak, oak and ash) and the concrete-effect finish. The result is amazing: it will seem as if you have before your eyes the natural wood, including all its veins, perceptible even to the touch.

The so-called melamine laminate has great strength and it is very difficult for it to be scratched, stain or damage in any way.
However, it is good to have some small precautions, such as keeping the product away from direct heat and sunlight: prolonged exposure to these agents can cause color bleaching.
In case of stains, simply wipe your furniture with a cloth dampened with warm water, then dry with a dry and possibly soft fabric.

For more difficult stains, however, we recommend using a sponge with a SPECIFIC CLEANER FOR LAMINATE, or a classic glass cleaner.
Avoid using solvents, abrasive products or aggressive cleaners of any kind: they could permanently damage the surface of your product.

All furniture MOBILI FIVER have the same finish, so you can buy coffee table, TV stand and console with the same finish, and the furniture you receive will have the same color tones, even if they are purchased at a distance of time. By doing so you will have the possibility to create homogeneous and stylish compositions, within your home.