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RUSTIC style: a hymn to simplicity and the warmth of conviviality

When we talk about rustic design, we mean the style of furniture that brings us back to country houses, the “dwellings of yesteryear” surrounded by greenery and tranquility.
It is a style linked to the concept of raw, unfinished material, but even if the origins of the name refer to a precise social context, it should not be thought that the concept of rustic means little refinement.

Among the essential elements of this style are undoubtedly the presence of exposed bricks and stone, white or light-coloured wall coverings and wooden floors or ceilings. If you choose to furnish a house in rustic style, you are choosing a style that is functional, comfortable, warm and shows the signs of time.
The materials that distinguish rustic design are of course natural or ‘untreated’ materials such as wood, stone and iron.

Wood is the undisputed protagonist, especially the oak colour.
A slim but solid table like our FIRST oak table could help make your dining area perfect. It can be opened up when needed or left open all the time, starting from a minimum size of 120 cm to a maximum of 200 cm.

The perfectly matched IACOPO sideboard, also in oak, has three drawers with a push-pull mechanism and a dark glass shelf.

Both pieces of furniture go very well with natural stone, another typical element for this type of style, which together with marble, quartzite, slate and porphyry reflect the main types to be preferred for the walls and floors of the home.

Don’t forget wrought iron, which adds an extra rustic touch when used for certain furnishing accessories such as chandeliers, wall lights, sculptures or ornaments. Be careful when choosing colours: avoid cold colours. It is preferable to opt exclusively for warm tones such as cream or dove grey, but pastel colours are also fine. If in doubt, always remember that white is the best solution for any type of style as it tends to make the rooms larger and brighter.

As far as fabrics are concerned, on the other hand, it is better to prefer soft textiles in delicate colours or rougher ones such as hemp and linen which go well with wood materials.

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