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The MOBILI FIVER guide to the perfect bedside table

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, the one dedicated to rest and quiet moments. If you are looking to give it a touch of personality and class, we recommend that you consider designer bedside tables: you will immediately notice a clear difference.
The bedside table is not just a piece of furniture, but a real extension of your bed. An indispensable element, it must be as decorative as it is practical. There are many criteria to consider when choosing a bedside table, and they are not as obvious as you might think.

Discover with us how this unobtrusive but highly functional piece of furniture can change the look and feel of your room by following a few small steps.

Before design, practicality must be considered
The first rule when choosing a bedside table is to listen to your personal needs. Don’t underestimate this analysis, it will hold and contain everything you need during the night. For example, if you need a large shelf to put your lamp, alarm clock, glasses and favorite book on, we recommend you opt for a modern bedside table with compartments.

The perfect combination of beauty and functionality is our bedside table Martino: with its modern and up-to-date finish, despite its small size it has two space-saving compartments where you can store any object before falling asleep.

Style and materials: don’t forget maintenance
The style and materials used to make bedside cabinets in the bedroom contribute to creating very different sensations. If you reflect yourself in the imagination of people who love order and chromatic coherence, bet everything on linearity: a minimal style is certainly a winning card to create a relaxing and pleasant environment in which to wake up in the morning.

All our furniture is made of melamine-faced chipboard, which is coated on both sides with melamine paper and is extremely durable, as well as easy to maintain and clean. In the event of stains, simply wipe your furniture with a cloth dampened with warm water and dry with a dry cloth. What about convenience?

How much space should your bedside table take up?
In addition to shape and style, one of the important elements to consider when choosing the perfect bedside table is size.
It is preferable for the shelf to be at bed height, so that we can retrieve objects from the shelf even when we are lying down. Imagine how annoying it can be to have to get up to retrieve a glass of water or a handkerchief from the bedside table in the middle of the night.

Do you prefer to leave the floor free of clutter? No problem: there are also plenty of suspended bedside tables on the market, ideal for those who have little space or want to decorate every inch of their home with style and creativity.
Our Riccardo bedside table is the perfect furnishing accessory for any bedroom area. Alone, or in pairs, it will give a touch of originality even to the most anonymous room.

Make it 100% yours
Now that you know how to choose your perfect bedside table, you just have to personalize it with accessories and elements that make it 100% yours.
How? We recommend having a light point such as a table lamp, or wall or ceiling lights. The next step is to add decoration accessories, such as a photo frame, a book, a plant and even a tray to leave everything you want to have close by such as your mobile phone or jewelry.

We hope we have been able to help you in this not so obvious choice.
Remember the three key words: practicality, maintenance and finally style.
Now you can never go wrong again…. The perfect bedside table is waiting for you.

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