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How to optimize space with wall decorations?

Is decorating a small studio apartment your next challenge? To turn it into a cozy place, and one that reflects you 100%, you’ll have to face a real test of guile.
Small spaces rhyme with optimization: every inch is precious and needs to be organized wisely. Your furniture should be of calibrated size, and thought in a functional way, the decorations present, but not suffocating. Let’s analyze room by room together!

Don’t underestimate the entrance area
One of the great dilemmas of kitchens, living rooms and open space is the decoration of the hallway. Very often the latter is left out and not properly exploited. We recommend organizing it, even just a corner, but one that meets 100% of your needs.

Take into consideration a mirror: it will visually expand the space and help you to check if everything is in order, before leaving the house. Fitting our wide-edge mirror, Evolution, which can be installed both horizontally and vertically, will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

Plan to use wall hooks, or minimal hangers – they’ll be the perfect welcome for your guests! An excellent space-saving solution is the modern coat rack Rachele: positioned in the entrance, it is a piece of furniture that will be noticed instantly. With a Made in Italy design, it is available in different colors and styles.

Take care of the living area in detail
Spaciousness, brightness and flexibility: these are the three main characteristics to which you must always refer. But how do you get them when the environment does not allow it? If the living area is confined to a few square metres, as well as choosing the furnishings with great care, you can make the most of the heights.
Through bookcase equipped walls, integrated with lighting systems or equipped with accessories, such as console tables and shelves, we can limit the use of furniture, obtaining space and at the same time giving a precise image to the environment.
Our modern bookcase Rachele will embellish your furniture and, if you wish, it can be used as a partition, particularly useful in the situations mentioned above.

In addition, a complement that can really make a difference are the sets of modern wall shelves. Just as paintings and photos make the walls unique, they have both a practical and aesthetic function; the pair of shelves Rachele, in particular, are ideal. Being part of the same collection of bookcases, they are fixed to the wall with extreme ease, thanks to the special iron pins inserted inside the plane.

How to organize your dream bedroom
Many apartments, especially in big cities, have very small rooms, so it is quite natural to want to equip them in a comfortable and functional way.
The key word on these occasions is “color”: using pastel shades will give your room much more light, which will make it seem much larger than it actually is. For added appeal, you can use bright shades and wallpaper, but make sure the overall look is in a unique decorating style.

Give up the idea of placing the bed in the center of the room; the best decision is to place it near a wall. By doing so, you will be able to organize an equipped wall to which we recommend adding wall cubes and wall cabinets. Perfect for this occasion are our Iacopo sets. Made of melamine material, besides being extremely solid, they are adaptable to any style of furniture.

As a final piece of advice, we feel like suggesting that you surround yourself with accessories that you love… Give away the superfluous! In the presence of small spaces it is essential to maintain order; you have to live it as a way of life and intervene periodically.
We tend to keep for a long time objects that over time we forget to have, but that contribute to fill our homes with nonsense. Get rid of unnecessary items and anything not strictly necessary.

Do decluttering on a regular basis and you will find out how much more space your home will have!