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Our Ideas for a Perfect Outdoor Table Setting

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Summer is here! The moment we have been waiting for all year has finally arrived: organising lunches, aperitifs, barbecues and dinners outdoors, on the terrace or balcony. Summer weather allows us to enjoy pleasant moments with our friends and family, around nice summer table decorations. To create a summer atmosphere and impress your guests, here are a few of our ideas for the perfect summer table decor.

Outdoor Table Decorations Ideas: Choosing Colours

The colours of your outdoor table setting invite you to fully experience the summer atmosphere that promotes mainly relaxation and freshness. Therefore, we tend to opt for “less is more” and to choose a more informal summer table decor with delicate and bright colours.

First of all, table linen offers you an infinity of possible combinations to set up your table. With the many colours of table runners, placemats and napkins, it is easy to create a basis for your decoration and to adapt it to every occasion. Possibilities are endless!

For example, natural tones such as beige or white for table linen are a simple and neutral solution that perfectly reflect summer mood. With these colours, which look good in any table setting, you can easily reflect your personality in your decoration. If you wish to add some colour, choose slightly-coloured dishes. However, you must remember that it is important to match the colours in your outdoor table setting.

On the other hand, if you prefer creating a more refined and elegant atmosphere for a special occasion, you can choose plain table linen in black or grey, which also go well together. In this case, you can add a bright touch with silverware and wine glasses. Something’s missing? Use napkin rings to tie this look together. They are the perfect final detail!

How to set a summer table with a centrepiece?

We tend to forget it sometimes, but the table runner is a sign of elegance that enhances the table. It is also a good way to structure the table and to define the main colour of your decoration.

The table runner is an essential accessory for a stylish outdoor table setting. It is very easy to use and takes on several functions. A truly elegant solution is to put it in the middle of the table, running lengthwise, on a tablecloth. Then, you can decorate it with flowers or other decorative objects such as candles or herbs. It is also possible to place more table runners across the table in front of each chair so that you separate each place setting.

Another idea for summer table decorations is to echo natural elements such as wood, for example. If you have a beautiful wooden table, you can simply loose the tablecloth and only use a table runner. A natural and rustic style is guaranteed! You can also choose wooden cutlery that are original and environmentally friendly.

To add an informal touch, you can opt for table placemats to enhance the beauty of your table. They are perfect for light and relaxing atmospheres such as a barbecue with friends or a family meal.

The table runner can have the same colour as the napkins, or be even slightly darker to create a beautiful monochrome setting with the various shades. This will allow you to a harmonious outdoor table decoration for summer.

Must-have accessories for summer table decorations

The accessories for a summer table decor are not to be forgotten since they add the final touch to your setting! There are many possibilities depending on the occasion:

  • At a Sunday lunch, you obviously cannot leave flowers aside, whether fresh or dried for a boho touch. You can put them directly on your table or in small vases of different shapes and materials. Without any doubt, they will perfectly complete the table and bring out the colours of your outdoor table setting immediately.
  • If you are organising an elegant aperitif or a special dinner, do not hesitate to use decorative objects such as candles in modern candle holders, either transparent or coloured to match the style of your summer table decoration. And why not add outdoor string lights that will enhance the style of your setting, whether it is classic, natural, modern or elegant!
  • In day-to-day life, use your tableware! You can easily combine their colours and forms to create the perfect outdoor table setting.

To conclude, if you don’t have any outdoor table decorations ideas, start by defining the colours of table linen as it will be the basis of your decoration. Then, add some accessories to reflect your personality and above all, don’t forget to surround yourself with friends and good food for a magical time in a great summer setting!