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TV stand: which one to choose?

how to choose tv stand

The television has been the queen of the living room for decades now.
We have gone from the first black and white televisions that captured the amazement of our grandparents to real ultra-thin design objects with resolutions up to 8K. We relax in front of the TV watching a TV series with the family or get excited with the matches of our favorite team.

To better enjoy all these moments, it is not only important to have a nice TV, but to be in an environment that has been furnished the right way. For this reason it is essential to choose the TV stand model that is right for us.
Let’s find out which are the most popular models, the measurements to keep in mind and how to contextualise them in the different rooms of our home.

Measurements and TV stand distance

The first thing to consider before even choosing the model is the size of our TV and therefore the size of the TV stand.
If we are going to place the TV stand close to a wall we will also have to keep in mind its size.

In addition to the TV stand size, you will also have to consider that the stand or cabinet must be longer than the screen to prevent wrong and inelegant proportions.
Also consider the height of the stand: usually the surface on which the TV rests is 19.68 in from the ground. This way you’ll not only be able to watch your favourite shows with the TV placed at an optimal height, but also position other pieces of furniture such as cabinets or shelves, creating a wall unit.

Also remember that the distance of the TV stand, and therefore that of the TV, should be approximately 3 times the measurement of the height of the appliance. So make sure you correctly choose both the type of TV and the stand on which to place it.

Choosing the TV cabinet depending on the room

The television was initially placed in the living room area, but over time we began to add this device to other rooms in our homes, such as the kitchen or bedroom.

Let’s see what the best TV furniture can be depending on the use of the TV in the different rooms of the house.

Kitchen TV stand

In the kitchen, we watch television standing up while cooking or while we are sitting at the table.

Therefore there is no real TV stand suitable for the kitchen. However, our advice in this case is to hang the TV on the wall. A TV stand with an arm that allows you to raise or lower the TV in height is preferable, in order to better adjust its position to see well both when sitting and when we are standing.

Bedroom TV stand

In the bedroom we usually watch television lying on the bed. That is from a higher point of view than when we are sitting on the sofa. Therefore we will need a TV stand that is not too low, otherwise we risk that part of the TV screen is not visible at the foot of the bed.

For this reason, choose a piece of furniture that at least exceeds the height of the bed in order to position the TV screen at a sufficient height so as not to have the screen barely visible.

Living room tv stand

In the living room you can really indulge yourself by choosing the TV stand you prefer. Of course, always consider the size of the room, the colour palette that dominates the environment and the type of television you will place on the stand.

Today there are TV stands with truly captivating designs, also featuring LED lights that point to the floor. You will be able to create a TV corner that makes the most of your living room and living area.

living room tv stand
Rachele TV Stand, Ashwood White and Rustic Oak (lilie.et.cie) & Emma 4-door Sideboard with white legs, Concrete White (srtadeco)

Types of TV stands

There are different TV stand models on the market, suitable for the most diverse space organisation needs and for different TV sizes.
Now let’s see what are the three most common types of modern TV stands!

Low TV stand

The most classic type of TV stand is the low TV cabinet.
Usually low TV stands have a height ranging from 19.68 to 33.46 in from the ground, but there are also models that are about 11.81 in high, particularly suitable for larger televisions.

The Rachele TV stand features a 59.05×16.53 in top, ideal for most of the televisions on the market.
There are two open and two door-closed compartments to help you keep the surrounding environment tidy at all times, as well as to provide a support surface for your devices. Rachele is also equipped with two cable grommets to hide all those unsightly cables.

Another option with a more minimalist style is the Evolution TV stand which comes in three different sizes and can also be equipped with a smartphone wireless charger and cable grommet. The Evolution TV stand is 14.17 in high from the ground and this makes it perfect for large televisions.
Furthermore, the three available sizes are great for both large living rooms and smaller ones too, where space can be optimised.

low tv stand
Rachele TV Stand, Rustic Oak and Ashwood White (43metroscuadrados)
low tv stand living room
Evolution TV Stand 120x40 with Wireless Charger, Rustic Oak

Floating TV stand

Another type of TV stand is the floating one.
The wall-mounted TV stand will give you more leg space, generally lightening the furnishing style of the room in which it is placed. However, you should consider that to mount this type of TV stand, holes will have to be drilled into the wall. This solution might not be ideal for everyone.

The Evolution floating TV shelf has been designed to be placed in any type of environment. It is available in three different sizes, equipped with a cable grommet and comes with or without a smartphone wireless charger.

The ideal height at which a floating TV stand should be placed depends on the size of the TV, but it is good to know that from the sofa the eye level must be about halfway up the TV screen.

floating tv stand
Evolution Extra Large TV Shelf 180x40 with Wireless Charger, Rustic Oak

TV wall unit

A third type of TV stand is the TV wall unit.
A TV wall unit can be positioned close to a wall and act as an equipped wall, or it can be used as a partition wall in the case of an open space.

The Iacopo TV wall unit is double-sided and can perfectly become a dividing wall, elegantly delimiting the different areas in our open space.
Furthermore, it comes in two versions: with or without doors according to our taste. The asymmetrical design of its compartments creates a geometric effect that will make your environment unique!

tv wall unit
Iacopo TV wall unit, Rustic Oak

At what height should the TV be placed?

What is the right height to place the TV at? And at what distance? Often when we have to position our new TV we find asking ourselves these questions.

In this case math can really help us!
Once you have decided what height you will be watching TV from, that is your eye level when sitting on the sofa, you will need to position the TV so that ⅓ of the screen is positioned above your eyes and the remaining ⅔ are below.
Consider an average height of about 35.43 to 39.37 in from the floor.

The distance at which to place your TV from the sofa is instead about one and a half times the height of the TV for models with 4K resolution or higher; is approximately 3 times the height of the device for HD resolution models.

How to decorate a tv stand

The TV area is often difficult to decorate, especially when the TV is off and looks like nothing more than a black rectangle.
A possible way to liven up this part of your home is to change the wall colour behind the television or use a series of shelves that create a support surface for plants or ornaments.

You can choose whether to place the television in the center or on one side of the TV stand. This will allow you to decorate the surface in two possible ways: on both sides of the TV or on just one side.
In any case, our advice is to use large objects, that can even be taller than the TV, but create a bold decorative scene without obstructing the television view. To create a harmonious setting, tall objects can be placed side by side with lower objects to highlight both. However, keep in mind the size of the furniture and of the TV to avoid clustering up objects.

decorate tv stand
Rachele TV Stand, Rustic Oak and Ashwood White (43metroscuadrados) & Emma 4-door Sideboard with black legs, Concrete Black (home_of_harris)

If you are looking for further ideas to furnish the TV area, read our article on how to arrange the shelves and transform your living room!