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AICEL “SonoSicuro” certificate

Mobili Fiver obtains the AICEL “SonoSicuro” certificate

A few days ago our online store has received the “”SonoSicuro”” certificate from Aicel (Italian Association of Electronic Commerce).
We are very proud to be part of Aicel’s group of accredited online stores “SonoSicuro”.
Certified SonoSicuro Aicel – Mobili Fiver
AICEL is the only national association of those who operate the e-commerce in Italy. The associates are in fact ONLY “”shopkeepers”” of online services and products.
Active since 2007 as a trade association, AICEL counts among its members over 1,300 companies that represent the real Italian eCommerce with international but also medium and small companies.
Mobili Fiver as a member of Aicel provides its customers with the guarantee of transparency on their online work: our company in fact works in full compliance with all the rules of e-commerce, in full protection of the final consumer.
What exactly does this “SonoSicuro” certificate mean?
SonoSicuro is the certification that distinguishes “healthy and virtuous” e-commerce companies that are committed to guarantee high levels of service quality to their customers every day. The “SonoSicuro” certificate is important to us because it certifies the compliance of our online shop’s behavior with the current legal regulations.
In order to obtain the certificate, the online shop must guarantee its customers:
– quality of service;
– transparency of the general conditions of sale;
– clarity on the management of privacy and cookies;
– security of economic transactions;
– correct advertising information;
– Return and refund conditions.
In addition, the certificate is verified annually, examining the entire structure of the site and its commercial procedures. It should be noted that in the event of behavior that does not comply with the requirements, the certificate is withdrawn.
Therefore, by choosing a “SonoSicuro” certified site, the user can make his purchases in total peace of mind, aware that all his rights are always protected.
That’s why our customers seeing this “brand” can feel confident: to be able to browse, choose and buy in total and complete safety.
Because safety is always important for us and for you too!

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