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Certified Feedaty Reviews

Mobili Fiver now relies on Feedaty for reviews

How many times do we look at reviews before buying a product online? How much do the opinions of other customers help us to understand if that product or service is really good for us?
According to Netcomm data, 60% of customers who buy online, before buying, check the opinions of other users.

The customer does it to feel reassured, to clarify points on which he has doubts, to understand if his purchase is really convenient. According to statistics, 88% of people are influenced by a review regardless of whether the author is an acquaintance or a stranger.
Given the growing importance of online reviews, Mobili Fiver has chosen the external Feedaty platform to collect and certify all the reviews released by buyers on its website.

Here are the 5 reasons why we chose Feedaty:
1.Feedaty is like Mobili Fiver, a young and Italian company, which has distinguished itself in its sector and which boasts of being one of the few companies in the world to be Google’s Content Partner for reviews.
2.Unlike other companies, with Feedaty it is possible to leave reviews only if you have already purchased on the site: all opinions are 100% certified and verified.
3.Users will not only have the opportunity to find and consult all the reviews of those who have already purchased, but they will also be able to ask specific questions about each product directly to Mobili Fiver or to others who have already purchased.
4.Leaving a review is simple and easy: the review consists of a score and a comment on the shopping experience, and you can even upload a picture of the product!
5. Through Feedaty, Mobili Fiver will be able to understand purchasing trends, get to know the most loved and reviewed products, test the degree of customer satisfaction and therefore be able to improve every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the many reviews on the site now! We look forward to hear from you too! Happy shopping on www.mobilifiver.com!

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