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New payment method: Satispay

Discover the new way to pay with Satispay

Satispay: Independent, simple and safe
We have joined the payments revolution. What are you waiting for?
Join us to make money exchanges simple, safe and instantaneous. Download the App now, it’s free!
Pay with Satispay and get 5 euros
In 3 words ?!


Independent of credit cards, specific banks and telephone operators: Satispay manages to be advantageous for merchants and individuals.


With Satispay you can transfer money to your contacts and pay in stores with the same simplicity and immediacy of a message on WhatsApp®.


Satispay only uses secure and non-sensitive data because it works without credit cards: your phone number and your bank account are all you need.

What are you waiting for? #doitsmart
With Satispay you make a smart choice even when you decide how to send payments!
Download the app and enter the code 54U and you’ll get immediately 5 € for free!

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