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Here’s how we deal with Covid-19 at Mobili Fiver

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

1) Can I order on your site? Are you operational?
Yes, we are operational thanks to smart working (for the customer service) and the logistics (to prepare shipments).
We guarantee the shipment of your order, from our warehouse, following all the provisions foreseen in terms of safety.

2) Does the goods travel regularly?
Yes, the goods travel regularly; there are no restrictions on the transport of goods, so couriers travel regularly.

3) Do couriers work / deliver?
Couriers continue to work and deliver regularly. Although unfortunately in some areas, there have been delays in delivery times.

4) What are the shipping times?
Shipping times are those indicated on the site, within each individual product sheet; there are no risks of blocking shipments (but some slowing down, yes).

5) My order has left the warehouse but it has been in “transit” for a few days, and the carrier doesn’t deliver it, what can I do?
Our customer service is available to help you but we would like to warn you that some TNT agencies are having some problems.
They will surely be delivered as soon as possible. In any case, if you decide to cancel the order, inform us and we will proceed with the return as per the terms and conditions of sale.

6) Is it dangerous to receive the goods?
The Ministry of Health and WHO have confirmed that receiving parcels is safe and without risk.

At any time our assistance is available at assistance@mobilifiver.com to monitor the delivery of the products and for any other information.

Your purchases with us are safe!
We are confident that everything will return to normal soon.
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