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A video to talk about us and tell our story

We wanted to “show our faces” and this is the result

Quite often, even today, shopping online can be scary, thanks to this video, we wanted to introduce ourselves, explain that behind a product and a brand there are real people who work constantly.
We want to tell you the story of how our comapany was born. It is a story made of family, sacrifices and passion for the work we do every day.
Get to know us: starting from design, production, packaging, logistics and customer service ..
We believe that it is people who make the difference, that make a company and a brand reliable and credible; and we are committed to making our customers satisfied every day.

For us, the family is at the center of everything, the company was founded by our parents Rosanna and Roberto, and now all of us 5 sons, work together with other employees, to make our reality grow more and more.
Why are we called Mobili Fiver?
Fiver stands for 5R the initials of us brothers: Riki, Romina, Ronny, Rossella and Roger.

Come and discover our furniture, 100% Made in Italy!
Every piece of furniture we produce is important to us, because it becomes part of our customers’ homes and families, that’s why our motto is: “from our family to yours!”.

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