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How to choose an extendable table


The answer may seem trivial, but it really depends on the different needs of everyone: home spaces, furniture style and available budget.

Extendable folding table

Today it happens more and more often to invite friends and relatives at home to celebrate and dine together, if the spaces of your home allow it, you can decide to buy an extendable table, able to offer a good number of seats, so that guests all eat comfortably. Here the most important question arises, which one to choose?

Different shapes are available, including the square one that opens like a book, when closed has a fairly contained size and can become double when it’s open. If you need to host a few people, this table is right for you.

In our catalog you can find the Eldorado table which precisely measures 90×90 cm when closed, and once opened it becomes 90×180 cm.

Extendable Perimeter Table

Alternatively, there are models with legs that remain perimeter (therefore that remain on the external sides, without disturbing your guests).

If in the past the extendable table was chosen only by those who had a small house, today they are purchased regardless of the space available because they are versatile, comfortable and practical furnishing accessories.

With this type of opening, in our catalog we offer the Iacopo table (our best seller) which when closed measures 90×140, with an extension reaches 180, and with 2 it reaches 90×220 cm.

Classico is a very elegant and particular extendable table. With classic lines but not too much, the Classico extendable table will leave you breathless. It can easily accommodate 6 people, once opened it can hold up to 8 people: a perfect choice to decorate the dining room or a nice open-space.

The latest addition to the Mobili Fiver’s catalogue is First extendable table with smaller dimensions that when it’s closed measures 80×120 cm, with an extension reaches 160 and with 2 extensions reaches 80×200 cm (but with the same central opening system of Iacopo).

Classic Extendable Table

In addition there is the “classic” “rectangular” size, which allows you to accommodate more people, in which case, you only need to choose the type of opening (in the middle or on the side) and if the legs remain in “middle”, such as our Easy extendable table with central opening.

Easy extendable table when closed measures 90×140 and when open it becomes 90×180 cm (with one extension) or 90×220 cm (with 2 extensions).

Side opening table

Also very interesting is the extendable table that opens laterally, this model allows you to have a “continuous” table top (without interruptions in the finish) and precisely that opens on the side, pulling one end.
In our catalog we offer Giuditta which when it’s closed measures 90×140 and with a single extension becomes 90×200 cm.

Choosing an extendable table is a good choice, when closed, it can offer more free space and give “more breath” to the environment in general. What else to add? Nothing… Just make good choice!

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