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How to choose a console table?

What is the best console table?

In order to choose your console table you need to take into consideration the budget, measurements and number of seats (in the case of extendable consoles); no less important is the context in which to place it so that it matches the rest of the furniture in the best way.

If you decide to buy a fixed console table for the entrance, where you can place your keys and your bag as soon as you enter, it is important to make a purchase as coordinated as possible with the rest of the design present in the house.
The consoles are excellent space-saving, practical and functional: resting on the wall, they take up little space but at the same time, they offer a surface suitable for use.

In addition to the fixed consoles, there are also extendable consoles on the market: very narrow tables (about 45 cm), but which can be extended up to over 3 meters. These are therefore “emergency” tables, to be stored in small rooms and opened when necessary (especially on holidays).

The extendable console table is ideal to transform any room into a perfect dining room in just a few minutes. The extendable console is identical to a classic fixed model when it is closed but thanks to the extensions it can accommodate over 12-14 people at the same time, ideal for lunches and dinners in company and especially for environments where spaces are limited. In short, a real space saver.

In addition to evaluating the style (more classic or modern), the color (which goes well with the rest of the furniture in the house) it is also important to choose whether the extensions must be incorporated (stored in the console leg with extension holder) or a more “slim” console for which the extensions must be stored separately.

Il tavolo consolle è la scelta di design ideale per tutti gli ambienti della casa: multiuso, comoda da aprire e soprattutto pratica.

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