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Mobili Fiver App: Augmented Reality to help you with online purchases

Mobili Fiver believes in technology a lot, therefore decided to invest in the development of an Augmented Reality App, to help its customers in the purchase phase.
How?! The App allows you to “try out” the brand’s furniture, directly at home, before buying online, thanks to Augmented Reality.
With Augmented Reality, Mobili Fiver’s products can be viewed comfortably at home on the screen of compatible smartphones or tablets, which will show the furniture as if it were in your own room.
Thanks to the App you can view the products in 3D, enlarge them and rotate them 360 °, to better understand the dimensions and also the most appropriate and coordinated finish with the rest of the furniture at home.
Despite the exponential growth of e-commerce, especially in recent years, the fear of an incorrect purchase by customers remains: “Will that piece of furniture look good in my house?”
It is the question that many ask themselves before proceeding with the purchase but thanks to this App, the doubts and perplexities of an incorrect online purchase will disappear, because through the screen of various devices, you can already see the furiture at home, choosing the best model, according to the various space requirements and the most correct color.

app ioes
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to download the App from the App Store (it’s Free!).

app android
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to download the App from the Google Play Store (it’s Free!).

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