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A good organization of the house begins at the entrance

It is like a business card that performs a double function: to make your home both hospitable and practical.
According to etiquette, this is where guests are welcomed for greetings and small talks but it is also the first room we find once we return home.
It is therefore in this corner that we must have the necessary furniture that allows us to take off the “heaviness” of the day.

When furnishing the entrance of the house, the first thing to choose in order to store keys, coins, mobile phones and all those small objects that we want to remember to grab before leaving, is a support surface. FIXED CONSOLES are a practical and not too bulky piece of furniture that perform an important aesthetic function, suitable in many rooms of the house.

Choosing an EXTENDABLE CONSOLE TABLE is an alternative doubly winning choice: a small table with reduced depth that can be transformed into a whole new table if necessary, quickly and easily extending up to 3 meters according to your needs, to make the most of the available space.

If we then decide to combine the console table with a MIRROR, we can take advantage of its ability to broaden the perception of the area in order to make the entrance seem wider than it really is.

In case of limited space, for those who prefer simplicity, the smartest choice is SHELVES with which it is possible to play with linear patterns or irregular arrangements with staggered shelves.

“Closed” CUBE SHELVES are much more modern and in addition to their usefulness are able to give an interesting look to the room.

Last but not least there is the COAT RACK. In the entrance it allows you to arrange overcoats, jackets and scarfs by keeping the room tidy. A more minimal choice is the wall coat hanger that offers a double function to save space thanks to its upper shelf.


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