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Furnishing in industrial style: Tips and Ideas

The industrial style arose in New York in the 1950s. It is based on the typical industrial furniture of the time, mixing touches of wood, metal and leather.

There is no doubt that this style is an increasingly presence in our homes. To create industrial environments, place furniture that draw attention, like a table, and that combine metal touches with wood.

An example of it is the Emma table, shown in the image above. Its crossed iron legs give to the table an absolute touch of personality. The Emma Table is available in 6 color combinations. When closed it measures 160 x 90 cm or 140 x 90 cm but opens to 240 x 90 cm or 220 x 90 cm (with 2 extensions) with central opening.

In order to achieve such a unique style, we have to choose furniture that not only stand out for the main structure, but also for the legs and doors: that is the case of the Emma cupboard.

The Emma sideboard is very versatile: with its iron legs it gives a unique glance to the spaces and its 4 doors make it an absolute practical storage cabinet.
The exact measures are 168 x 45 x H76,6 cm.

The distinctive colors of the industrial style are: white, black, grey, brown and beige. The Luxury console is actually available in these 4 colors, rustic wood, grey, black and white. It is perfect for the entrance, the corridor or the waiting room. It is rectangular in shape (but not extendable) and the exact measures are 110 x 40 x H80 cm.

Out of the same collection we have the coffee table always available in these 4 colors. Coffee tables are a useful piece of furniture, so they must be as practical as they are elegant. The metal legs contribute to enhance the cabinet’s great stability. The exact measures are 90 x 55 x H30 cm.

These ideas can easily be applied to any room in the house… So why not opt for an industrial-style living room?

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