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To Furnish with a mirror

The mirror was born as a functional object and finds its natural place in almost every room of the house. It is a perfect element to decorate with: it manages to transform an environment by configuring it with a particular style.

What does a mirror do?

Essentially two things: it reflects and captures light. Furnishing with mirrors means increasing the brightness of the environment and enlarging the perception of space, a very useful quality especially in small rooms.

The type of mirror you choose is important.

There are various kinds: circular, oval, rectangular, square… Regardless of whether they are framed or not, the important thing is that the size is adequate for the size of the room and that the mirrors are placed on one of the walls lengthwise and not otherwise because you could obtain the opposite effect and the space would look even more narrow. A large mirror can decorate the wall alone, while smaller ones need to be combined in several in order to give it a personal touch.

The entrance to the house is the first place to find a mirror: perfect above low furniture, such as sideboards and console tables. The last look before leaving, the first when you enter. Furthermore, the entrance is almost always the narrowest part of the house and the mirror’s ability to increase the perception of space is fundamental here.

On the other hand, there are several ways to place a mirror in the living room. Choosing a large mirror to be placed directly on the wall becomes an important step to be able to furnish the room, capable of enhancing the chosen style. The mirror in the living room works well on a small portion of the wall or on a large wall, especially if it is bare, where together with paintings and beautiful photographs (or prints) it furnishes by filling that void that is hardly compatible with real furniture, due to lack of space.

The mirror in the bedroom is useful to get ready to go out: taking clothes from the wardrobe, putting them on, rehearsing by looking at your own reflection. But be careful, the advice is to place the mirror not right in front of the bed because its reflection may not help induce sleep.

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