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How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom?

small bathroom decor ideas

Do you have a small bathroom and do not know how to maximise its space? No worries, this article is for you! You should not think of a small and narrow bathroom as the typical laundry room that you should hide from your friends and family. On the contrary, it has the advantage of being easy to clean and creating less stress in the morning. The secret is to adopt all the small bathroom decor ideas to save space and organize your room perfectly. Discover now all our small bathroom design ideas!

Play with light: a great small narrow bathroom idea

A good small bathroom decor idea is choosing reflecting and transparent surfaces. Not only do they reflect natural light, but they also make the room look bigger.

To maximise space in your small bathroom, do not be afraid to use mirrors: they add depth to your room and amplify the visual perception of it. A very large mirror above your sink, such as our Olivia mirror in white ash or rustic oak, will increase the brightness of your bathroom, which will appear much bigger.

The same goes for the glass shower enclosure. It might be better to choose a shower door that is transparent: if this solution is less intimate, your bathroom will certainly look bigger.

Small bathroom space ideas: the colours you need to choose

Colour combinations are fundamental to avoid feeling hemmed in a tiny bathroom. The idea that is easy to adopt is playing with the contrasts that materials and colours naturally create. This will easily maximise the space of your bathroom.

In a small space, it may be preferable to opt for light and rather neutral colours: white, in all its shades, beige or light grey are the way to go! These colours reflect light more and create a perception of a wider space even in narrow spaces.

However, you must not forget to create a welcoming room. The bathroom is after all a wellness space and we must feel good! To warm up the atmosphere, you can put some wood furniture that are simply perfect with their warm and cosy colour.

It is also possible to use bright colours, but sparingly: for example, if you want to add deep blue or dark green to your bathroom wall, put some light shelves. These will create an intense depth effect.

Make the most of your small bathroom with floating furniture

You should not be limited in your choice of furniture because of a narrow bathroom and its lack of space. There are indeed several small bathroom decor ideas!

For a small bathroom design that meets your decorating preferences, you need to take into consideration the space at your disposal when choosing your furniture. The best compromise seems to be opting for modular solutions. To maximise the space in your small bathroom, floating pieces of furniture are perfect: they are space-saving and help you keep a tidy room. Following the guidelines of minimal home decor, this type of furniture has a modern style, with clean lines and offers a neat aesthetic result.

When it comes to small bathroom design, wall cabinets are a clever solution. Their shape is certainly their main advantage but they are also perfect for keeping your room tidy. You can easily store your beauty products and shower gels without taking up too much space. These small wall units will also bring dynamism to your room! Practical and fun, they will allow your creative side to express itself in order to create various compositions of character.

You can opt for wall hung toilets: easy to clean on a daily basis, they also allow you to save space. Indeed, they give you the illusion of a much larger space. Even if they have the same dimensions as floor mounted toilets, they seem smaller and thus combine aesthetics and functionality.

In your small bathroom, make use of the least used space!

The bathroom is one of the most underestimated rooms in the house. This is why it is never used properly and we tend not to make the most of its space.

For example, the wall behind the toilet is never used and over 40 cm are completely lost. However, a great small bathroom decor idea to optimise space is to use it. You can place shelves or wall cabinets. Both are perfect for storing magazines, toilet paper, candles or even home fragrances.

Another tip to make the most of your small bathroom is to use literally all the corners of the room, especially the one behind the door. Try putting corner shelves where you could place your favourite towels and a few decorative items as well as your cleaning products that are always important to have at hand.

To conclude, it is easy to optimize space with our small bathroom decor ideas! The first thing to take into consideration is light and colour combinations, preferably light and neutral shades. As for furniture, floating pieces of furniture such as shelves or wall cabinets, are a perfect small bathroom design idea because they allow you to make the most of the unused space.

It is impossible to not have ideas to maximise space in a small bathroom!