Do you have a tiny bathroom and you don’t know how to optimise its space?
No worries, this is your article!
A tiny bathroom doesn’t have to necessarily become a laundry room to be hidden from guests and relatives: it has the advantage of being easy to clean and of causing less morning stress. The secret is to opt for those solutions known as space-saving , and make use of design tricks.
Below we will explain how you can furnish your bathroom with character and personality: to make it become your home’s most desired space!

A good idea before renovating your bathroom is to opt for reflecting and see-through surfaces that allow you to increase the apparent amount of space.
A very wide mirror above the sink like our ashwood white Olivia , will make your bathroom appear bigger. The same goes for the shower. It is better to choose smooth and transparent glass shower doors. Your privacy won’t benefit from it, but the room will surely look larger.

The color-match is also important: choose light colours and neutral shades. Go from white, in all of its shades, to beige and light grey. In fact, these colours are able to reflect more light and therefore amplify space perception, even in small areas. You can also use bright colours, but sparingly: for example, if you want to paint the wall behind the toilet deep blue, fix some light coloured shelves. They will create a strong depth effect.

To achieve a furnishing design that suits both your aesthetic and space needs, it is important to consider modular solutions.
Play with contrasts between colours and materials: they will give your space a graphic style. Let’s assume that your bathroom has modular blue-toned tiles, adding two of our Iacopo cubes with door you will obtain great dynamism and, in addition, you’ll be able to hide things inside them. Practical and fun, they allow you to play with your imagination and put together stylish creations.

Opt for wall-hung bathroom fixtures: besides making your daily cleaning easier, they allow you to free up some precious space. They create the illusion of having a bigger area: even if they are the same size as the floor-mounted bathroom fixtures, they look smaller and, therefore, add aesthetic to functionality.

The bathroom is one of the most underestimated rooms of our house. By doing so this area doesn’t usually get analysed and fully taken advantage of. Therefore, a lot of useful space remains unused.
Let’s consider, for example, the wall behind the toilet: a full 40 cm height stays unused. Take advantage of the height by integrating wall shelves.
We suggest our First wall cubes set and Giuditta, ideal to place magazines, toilet paper, as well as candles and home fragrances.

Another clever suggestion includes taking advantage of the bathroom’s corners. Do you know the one behind the door?! Try adding our Easy corner shelves . Being that they are not much visible, you will be able to place your favourite towels, along with cleaning products that are always good to have on hand.

We hope you found this article useful and that it will give you ideas on how to optimise your small bathroom’s space!
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