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How to furnish a small living room: The Complete Guide

small living room furniture

You’ve tried moving the table, making the sofa fit into a corner, changing the TV stand, but nothing really worked… right? Your living room still seems too small to welcome your favourite furniture and provide a functional space.

Yet, furnishing a small living room can be accomplished. Furnishing a small living room, however, is not at all simple and detailed planning is needed to make it beautiful, comfortable and functional. Furnish your living room by following our advice and ideas and transform the living area into your favourite part of the house!

Choose space-saving furniture to furnish a small living room

Let’s see how to furnish a small living room step by step. The first thing you will have to do is divide your space as best as possible, trying to understand what type of result you want to achieve. Buying your living room furniture without having a clear idea of the type of style you want to give to the room will just fill it in a chaotic and dysfunctional way.

Since the living room is one of the most lived-in areas of the house, let’s see the best space-saving furniture to furnish a small living room without sacrificing style and comfort.

What table to place in a small living room

A dining table in the living room can give the space a classy touch. When it comes to limited space, however, choosing the table is not just a matter of taste, but we must keep in mind the features of each model.

For a small living room, a round extendable dining table is the best choice. The edgeless surface of the top will take up less space than a rectangular or square model. Furthermore, if the table is not in use it can be placed in a corner of the room, freeing up precious space.

Our Emma round table is also extendable and measures only 47.24 in when closed, allowing 4 people to comfortably sit at the table. Should you need more space, you can extend it up to 55.11 in in length and accommodate 6 people. The Emma round table features a convenient extension holder that allows you to store the leaves directly under the table top when not in use; This is a fantastic space-saving solution.
Furthermore, the round Emma table is available in numerous finishes, perfect for giving your living room a classic, modern or warm rustic style.

In addition to taking up less space, a round table also allows you to sit more comfortably thanks to the edgeless top. This way you’ll have a space-saving and functional solution.

extendable round table for small living room
Emma Round Extendable Table, Rustic Oak with Black crossed legs

How to choose a sideboard for a small living room

The sideboard is a piece of furniture that has been created to store plates, glasses, cutlery and everything you need to set the table. For this reason it is usually placed near the dining table.

It usually has large dimensions due to the fact that it has to hold all the dishes and can exceed 2 meters in length. If you wish to furnish your small living room with a sideboard, choose a model that has a functional size compared to the surrounding space!

A low sideboard is certainly less bulky than a tall model and more suitable for a small living room. In fact, it provides a support surface for plants, ornaments, paintings and other decorative elements.
Our Emma sideboard measures 66.14 in in length, 29.92 in in height and features 4 hinged doors. Its small size, support surface and considerable capacity also make it perfect for furnishing a small living room!

Keep in mind, however, that the door needs an opening space. If your sideboard is positioned too close to another piece of furniture, the hinged doors could be cumbersome. Then choose a sideboard model with sliding doors to optimise every centimeter of your small living room!

Emma 4-door Sideboard with white legs, Rustic Oak (blanc.de.lin & doucesweethome)
Emma 4-door Sideboard with black legs, Concrete Black (foreverhome_no1) & Emma 4-door Sideboard with white legs, Rustic Oak (happy_petit_family)

How to choose a TV cabinet for a small living room

There are different types of TV furnishings on the market, with sizes and shapes to best suit your needs. When choosing a TV stand for your small living room, consider that the height of your eyes while sitting on the sofa must be approximately half the height of the TV screen.

There are various solutions such as a low TV stand equipped with doors and shelves that can hold your devices and hide them from view. The Rachele TV stand measures 59 in in length and 16.53 in in width which are ideal dimensions even for a small living room. It has two open and two door-closed compartments. Furthermore, it features two cable grommets that will help you tidy and manage unsightly cables.

If you prefer a more minimalist design, the Evolution TV stand is perfect for you. It comes in 3 different sizes (with or without wireless smartphone charger) and easily adapts to any type of space. Choose the Evolution TV stand wall version to eliminate the legs, making cleaning easier and giving the room a lighter and airy feel.

Choose the perfect TV stand with our complete guide and decorate your living room with style!

Rachele TV Stand, Ashwood White and Rustic Oak (lilie.et.cie)

Divider bookcase for a small living room

Small homes often have poor space delimitations. The kitchen and the living room, for example, might appear as one indistinct environment.

One way to create a division of spaces is to use different flooring: tiles for the kitchen and wood flooring for the living room. Or different wall colours can be used depending on the area of the house you are in.

They are both effective solutions, but changing a floor is certainly not an immediately feasible solution.
A third method to divide spaces and distinguish your small living room from the rest of the house is to use a dividing bookcase.
The Iacopo bookcase is available in 6 different sizes in the open or closed compartment versions. The Iacopo bookcase is double-sided and fits into any type of living room, even the smallest.

Iacopo S Bookcase (160.8 x 158.2 cm), Dark Walnut

Small living room wall furniture

A final space-saving furnishing solution ideal for furnishing a small living room is wall living room furniture.

Wall furniture allows you to take advantage of your living room wall space, making the environment feel lighter and incredibly functional.
We have designed wall door cabinets to always keep your small living room tidy, or doorless cabinets to display your photographs and ornaments.

Another solution to take advantage of your wall space are the shelves that can be arranged as you wish, creating personalised living room shelving patterns.

Find out everything you need to know about shelves in our dedicated article and furnish your living room with our advice.

Evolution Extra Large TV Shelf 180x40 with Wireless Charger, Ashwood White & Angelica Shelves # Ashwood Black

How to decorate an empty living room wall

There are many solutions to decorate or furnish an empty living room wall, from paintings to wallpaper or even placing a bookcase.

But the best way to furnish an empty wall in a small living room while optimising space is to create a furniture wall unit.

The various wall unit solutions feature a practical design. The wall TV units feature closed door compartments or drawers, allowing you to always keep your living room tidy. Wall cabinets, on the other hand, allow you to create a personalised wall combination, creating a unique and functional space.

Discover our living room wall unit collection, designed for both large and smaller spaces.

living room wall unit
Combination 8 Iacopo Living Room Wall Unit, Rustic Oak

Furnish a small living room with a sofa and a table

The table and the sofa are furnishing elements that can be found in most living rooms. We have seen how a round table is the best model for furnishing a small living room, but what is the best solution for the sofa?

If we have limited space, we’ll have to avoid sofas that are too bulky, preferring more compact models. A two-seater sofa is the ideal solution for a small living room: it takes up little space and still offers a comfortable seat.
A minimalist and not too bulky design will help keep our small living room visually tidy, avoiding making it seem excessively “full”.

How to position the sofa in the living room

If you have a small living room you’ll have to select the right sofa model and carefully choose where to place it so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

You can place the sofa against a wall to free up space, or push it into a corner if your sofa has a peninsula.

Complete your living room furnishing by placing a coffee table in front of the sofa to always keep the TV remote control or a snack within reach.

small living room coffetable
Angelica Coffee Table, Oak (elli_nordic_home) & Emma Coffee table, Oak (interieur_huisjekant)