soggiorno stile industriale

The industrial style, which developed in the 50s in New York with the renovation of industrial warehouses, can be summed up in two concepts: recycling and essentialism. In this particular period where ecology shapes our lifestyle, this decorating style is gaining ground in our homes, and more specifically in our living rooms. From the various materials to the colour palette to use, here are some ideas for your industrial living room!

An industrial style for the living room: Mobili Fiver’s ideas

If the industrial style is so popular today, it is because it gives both a fascinating and trendy character to the living room. To give life to the ultimate industrial living room, it is necessary to take into consideration various features including the heterogeneity of materials and the choice of their colours.

In order to reproduce the atmosphere of old factories, two main materials that echo the old workshops and warehouses are essential in the industrial living room decor: wood and metal. Together, they are the winning duo of the industrial style as they are raw materials that also reveal a solid and sustainable character. Moreover, it is possible to opt for leather, which is ideal to add a level of comfort in the room.

An industrial living room has its own colour scheme, which include mainly black, white and grey hues. You can easily create a harmonious palette in your living room by playing with these shades on your furniture finishes! You could also add a touch of red or copper through exposed bricks or pipes.

The perfect industrial living room furniture!

The living room is mainly aimed at relaxing and having friends and family over. That is why this is important to find the perfect balance between comfort and design.

An industrial theme living room is primarily focused on the functionality and visual impact of its objects. Organisation and rigour must be prominent in the space!

You can choose essential furniture pieces with straight lines like for example, our grey Evolution table that can serve as a bar table as well as an island unit according to your needs. All you have to do is remove one of the two legs and fix it to the wall, although this should be avoided if it is made of plasterboard. Available in various finishes, this table fits perfectly in an industrial living room, or even in a modern kitchen.

As an industrial style living room is made of essential elements. it is important to select a few pieces of furniture, with the right dimensions to create an organised space. For smaller living areas, you can also choose an extendable console table to welcome your guests more easily.

The coffee table is also a must in the living room. Its typical design does not go unnoticed due to its central position in the room. Our Luxury coffee table is the perfect element to complete the decoration of an industrial living room because it combines wood and metal, which are the emblems of this style.

Another solution with great visual impact is an XXL bookcase. For example, our Iacopo bookcase in Ashwood Black is ideal to organise your industrial style living room. You can also use it to demarcate or separate spaces and it will change the whole perception of the room!

The possibilities are endless. If your room is spacious, you can also add a sideboard to store your dishes. Practical to have everything close to hand, the Emma sideboard has a splendid design that perfectly blends into an industrial style living room – in black or concrete grey, it will become the key element of the space. To find out more, you can also discover how to renew the living room with an industrial style sideboard.

Key accessories for the perfect industrial living room

To decorate an industrial living room by the book, it is imperative not to leave any details out. Indeed, they will make a difference and will leave your guests speechless!

Light plays an important role in the industrial style living room where it will bring energy and life. There are many ways to bring light into the living room, which will become warmer.

First of all, if you are renovating your house, you can choose to add a glass wall. With a metal grid or a steel frame, it will transform your room into a real New York loft! You can also put mirrors to reflect natural light. The essential design of our Angelica and Olivia mirrors fits perfectly in an industrial living room! The final touch would be to opt for pendant lights or floor industrial lamps that are inspired by factory lighting or movie set lights in black, copper or gold metal.

For a modern industrial living room, you can choose symbolic accessories such as an old barber mirror, antique decorative plaques, a sewing machine or a cog wall clack. These objects have a soul and a strong connection with the most glorious years of the industrial style.

In conclusion, the decoration of an industrial living room is defined as essential and practical. We therefore advise you to choose large wood and metal furniture with clean lines to best reflect the characteristics of this decorative style. Let your imagination run wild and transforming your living room into an industrial style will prove to be a very creative experience!

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