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How to decorate a Hallway

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We usually tend not to pay too much attention to the hallway decoration. We consider it a place of passage even though it plays an important role. This room is your home’s calling card as it is the first space in which you welcome your guests.

Your hallway decoration instantly conveys the atmosphere and style of your home. Here are all our hallway decor ideas, whether it is big, small or it opens into the living room, to optimise its space.

Hallway furnishing ideas: our must haves

You must carefully choose your hallway furniture: it is important to take the time to study all possible options including shelves, cupboards and console tables. The most important criteria that you must take into consideration to decorate your hallway are aesthetics and especially functionality.

A first piece of furniture to focus on is the coat rack, which is essential in the hallway. It allows you to always keep your space tidy and to avoid leaving your coats and bags around the house. The coat rack is also a good way of making a decorative statement since it is available in a myriad of styles. Depending on your preferences and the space at your disposal, you can choose a wall or floor coat rack.

Decorating the hallway means to create a space that is both cosy and practical. A very useful piece of furniture that simply must be included in your entrance hall is a console table. The fixed ones that are purely decorative are a perfect solution not only to display your favourite objects, but also to put a trinket dish for your keys and coins. If you prefer to focus on functionality, our Emma sideboard will help you decorate your hallway. Indeed, you can use it to hide the elements that might create clutter!

How to decorate your entrance hall when it opens into the living room?

The trend towards open-plan living has led to many houses being built without an entrance room. In such situations, there are still several possibilities to decorate the hallway and optimise it.

When it is hard to distinguish where your hallway ends and your living room begins, you need to study how to divide both rooms. It is often advised to separate the two spaces without blocking the light completely. If you are renovating your house, you can opt for a glass or a wooden room divider, which will allow you to decorate the hallway and separate it from the living room, while letting the light in.

On the other hand, if you have not planned work in your house, you can try to divide both spaces by simply using the hallway decoration. For example, bookcases are perfect for this particular case. Not only do they have a strong decorative potential, but they also help you keep your home tidy. We have specially designed the various sizes and finishes of our collections so that they can match all decorating styles!

How to decorate a small hallway?

If your entrance room is small, you need to optimise the space by using every single metre square. If you don’t know how to choose your hallway decoration, we can give you some space-saving solutions:

  • You can opt for an extending console table, which is the perfect solution for those who do not have much space. Its dual function allows you to organise your hallway and optimise its space. Indeed, you can use it not only as an occasional piece of furniture, but also as a table to welcome your guests for special occasions!
  • Another must have to add to this list are wall cabinets, perfect to optimise entrance walls! This piece of furniture is perfect to make the most of your walls! Indeed, shelves are ideal for tidying up your entrance area and for placing photos, plants or other decorative items.
  • Finally, you can use a round, floor or wall mirror to decorate your hallway. This object is great for changing the visual perception of the space. You can use more than one by choosing different shapes to create an original wall!

To conclude, whether optimising a studio or a house, the decoration of the hallway should not be forgotten. When designing this space, you must keep in mind its two main characteristics – aesthetics and practicality. If you don’t know how to design your hallway, you can choose the following essential elements for an optimal space: coat racks, console tables and mirrors, as well as your favourite decorative objects, of course!