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Wall or floor coat rack? Ideas and tips for the right choice

When we talk about coat racks, we are referring to that object present in everyone’s homes, in the most varied forms, essential for its useful function of keeping the house tidy, especially when you are having guests.

Coat rack as we know it today actually originates from another object: the hanger.
The idea, which proved to be very useful, has evolved over time, taking on different shapes created with new materials. Even today we use the hanger but we place it inside our wardrobes; what we consider the actual coat rack is that object that remains visible inside our homes (to decorate the hallway or in the bedroom) or our offices.

As for the type of coat hanger, there are basically two categories: the one that stays on the floor and the one that must be fixed on the wall:




It is usually composed of a central column that rests on a base, develops upwards with a variable number of “arms” from which clothes or coats are hung.
This model has evolved a lot over the years, both in shape and material, taking on an increasingly modern design such as our EMMA model.

Emma with its four arms is a 170.5 cm high piece of furniture with an essential line, available in different finishes, a simple but of particular impact piece of furniture, which your guest will notice immediately upon entering.


Wall hangers are fixed to the walls and are composed of knobs, hooks or arms with various shapes. Compared to the coat rack, they are not bulky (the floor space remains free).
This wall element is the one that gave life to the most original solutions, so as to satisfy all tastes and styles.

But be careful, with modernity we also mean something that is capable of providing several functions at the same time, such as our RACHELE coat hanger; equipped with different hooks, depending on the chosen size (40, 60, 80cm), it has the functionality of a coat hanger but also the convenience of a storage compartment thanks to its upper shelf.

In this way, if those who think that the wall hanger can be placed exclusively at the entrance is wrong: it can easily be used in the kitchen for dishcloths and spices, in the bedroom for clothes and personal items or in the bathroom for a bathrobe and some ornamental plants.