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How to creatively enhance and decorate the bookcase?

Decorating a bookcase seems like a trivial operation, on the contrary to get a good result it is necessary to put into practice some small original ideas. Bookcases are the furnishing items that represent us the most because they tell who we are. The books we love, the souvenir photographs, the knick-knacks bought on vacation: all objects that tell a bit more about our personality.

If you love plants, you can place some on the shelves. They will give a feeling of serenity by making the environment relaxed and pleasant.

Another good idea is to place one or more mirrors between the shelves to give a luminous effect, which, thanks to the play of reflections, will make the room larger.

The bookcase is not born only to be functional to books but is also a piece of furniture where to display art objects or collectibles.

Stop arranging books side by side are, the movement is welcome! Dispose them randomly, some vertically, others horizontally and in an oblique position, without necessarily placing them on top of each other.

An innovative idea is also to sort the books according to their color: create a rainbow by grouping books of the same color and descending in shades. Be careful, decorating doesn’t necessarily mean “filling”, don’t be afraid to leave empty spaces.


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