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How to renew your living room with an industrial style sideboard

The industrial style overturns the “classic concept” of furnishing and has been popular in many homes for several years now.
Designing and furnishing a living room (or an entire house) in industrial style is not so simple: coldness and monotony can easily become a problem. This style calls for large rooms, but within these rooms the furniture should be arranged in a functional and balanced way without overfilling.

As a focal point from which to start renovating your living room, we offer you our industrial-style buffet sideboard: EMMA.

The SIDEBOARD can be used as a pantry for groceries or as glassware, while the top can be used according to the desired purpose.

The EMMA sideboard is an indispensable piece of furniture, because it combines usefulness and beauty.

With its four doors with a characteristic design (being trapeziums) it is very practical, so as to have everything at hand, and its four iron legs give a modern and original touch, recalling the industrial style we were talking about.

Remember that a living room needs light: therefore, it is better to free the walls from tall and imposing sideboards; Emma with its 76,6 cm of height is therefore perfect.
Be careful though, our sideboard is not limited to one style: depending on the finish chosen (oak, walnut, cement…) and the choice of the colour of the feet, the style may change and adapt to your taste (more classic, more Nordic…).

Opting for modern sideboards with clean lines and small dimensions is ideal for creating a more airy, spacious and modern environment.
Replacing an old piece of furniture with a new modern sideboard is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those objects that accumulate unnecessarily over time and thus make useful space.