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Tips on how to decorate your hallway

The hallway is the first space where guests enter and receive a sort of “preview” of the house: in their eyes the hallway tells them a lot about you and the way you live your home.

An uncluttered hallway makes us feel better immediately when we come home, and it must have two key elements to express character: the right light and “thoughtful lightness”. There is nothing worse than entering a home and being immediately suffocated by a load of furniture and objects out of proportion to the context.
The hallway decoration must be “light” and elegant, and must provide a coherent foretaste of what will be seen in the rest of the house.

The EVOLUTION and GIUDITTA fixed console tables reflect the essentiality of elegance.
Available in different colour finishes, both are rectangular but of different sizes, they respond perfectly to the needs dictated by space.

Another alternative, doubly useful, are the extendable console tables: FIRST, ANGELICA and EASY. They look like small tables with a depth of 45cm, which when extended become large tables of over three metres.

Relatives and friends show up at the last minute for dinner?
Simply take the console at the entrance and open it up to turn it into a table for 12-14 people. When an entrance hall is very small, it is pointless to “fuss” with the furniture and always want to fill it up; a simple console table and a mirror will be more than enough.

If you need a wall-mounted coat rack, adding a visible element such as a wall-mounted coat rack would minimise the chaos effect, and an intelligent use of the wall-mounted mirror would allow you to expand the perception of space and make the hallway look bigger.

Common mistakes to avoid:

– overdosing on colours
– overdoing it with furnishings
– not taking into account the real available space
– overdoing it with lights
– not making it functional
– use a style that is too different from the rest of the house