furnish a modern office

Today we find ourselves spending a lot of time in the office, so much so that in some cases we could almost define it as a real second home.
This is the reason why, in recent years, the awareness of how to furnish the office has drastically increased. This allows people to create spaces where they can express themselves at their best, improve their productivity and maintain their well-being.

Furnishing a modern office: which style to choose?

When furnishing an office, the first thing to do is to choose which style we want to recreate in our work environment, whether it is at work or at home. The choice to furnish one’s office with a modern style can, in fact, have different declinations, but it is still necessary to keep in mind four principles that must be respected: in fact, our office must be welcoming, bright, functional and beautiful!

Here are some currently trendy ideas for furnishing a modern office.

Industrial style office

The modern industrial-style office is one of the strongest trends of the moment, as it has made its way into our homes.

This style features rustic finishes such as exposed brick or raw wood, capable of giving a warm tone to the surrounding environment. In addition to wood and exposed brick, the industrial style also leaves room for iron: wardrobes, chairs and desks must have an iron frame, perhaps black or antiqued, which, when combined with wood, will give your office a vintage feel.

To give the office a final industrial touch, add some plants and vintage objects such as a typewriter, for example. This will help you create an industrial feel in your modern office decor.

industrial style office
First desk with drawer, Rustic Oak

Minimalist style office

The minimalist style is achieved by adopting furnishings that feature light and clean lines, capable of conveying calm and balance.

In a modern office furnished in a minimalist style, white and light shades in general should be preferred. The homogeneity of the decor can be broken up with some black or with the use of wood. Light dominates the environment, becoming one of the main features of this style. Even glass details, such as doors, minimise any light blocking, favouring a constant lighting of the space.

The minimalist style favours office furniture with light and functional structures that are placed into space without creating any clutter: less clutter we have in the office, the less we will have in our thoughts! Therefore, only furnish your office with what you need and remember that the practical side should prevail on the aesthetic one.

Evolution Desk 47,2x23,6 in, Concrete Grey with Two Legs & First desk with drawer, Ashwood White

Pop style office

A third possible modern style for your office is the pop one. The goal in this case is to create a space full of contrasting colours and decorative objects.
If you choose the pop style for your office, you can have fun combining furniture and furnishing accessories with very different shapes and colours. On the walls you can hang pictures and posters or use the most colourful wallpaper you can find.

First desk with drawer, Ashwood White (© honeyhome_7)

Furnishing a modern office: which furniture to choose?

Choosing the right office furniture is by no means an easy choice. Follow these tips to best furnish a modern office!

Office desk: which one to choose?

The office desk is the heart of every office, as it is a real work tool on which we spend most of our day.
Having everything at hand and being able to maintain a correct position are two fundamental criteria to consider when choosing the desk.

A rapidly growing trend in the world of office desks is the adjustable standing desk. The height of the desk top can be adjusted through the motorised legs, allowing you to have a personalised and ergonomic setting. Furthermore, it allows you to regularly change your position during the day, limiting bad postures which often cause back pain at the end of the day.

Our Clara standing desk is equipped with two motors to always keep the top stable during the ascent and descent phases, as well as a control panel that memorises up to three different height positions and a timer that will remind you when it is time to change position. If Clara encounters obstacles in the up and down movement phases of the top, the desk will stop the movement by itself, as it also features an anti-collision system.

For a workstation, the adjustable standing desk is undoubtedly the best advice we can give you to furnish a modern office. To make your workstation even more ergonomic, you could also use a monitor stand, keeping the screen at eye level and avoiding neck strain.

adjustable standing desk
Clara Electric Standing Desk 55.11 x 31.39 in Rustic Oak with Black Legs

Office bookcase

In the office it is essential to keep the environment tidy, so choosing the right office bookcase can prove to be really important.

Depending on the furnishing style you have chosen for your modern office, opt for raw wood finishes to give a warm tone to the environment or for light finishes if you want to create a neutral palette in perfect minimalist style.

Iacopo XS (11.02 x 31.49 x H63.30 in), Grey Concrete (© wonen.bij.iris)

Office drawer unit

The third fundamental element in any office is the drawer unit. The perfect office drawer unit has at least three drawers that allow you to file and store all the documents you need and maybe even keep some sweets close at hand for those craving moments.

In addition to the style and finish of the drawer unit, also consider its height. For maximum comfort, it should be able to fit under the desk. Therefore consider furnishing your modern office with a drawer unit that is under one meter high.

Clara Drawer unit on castors, Matt White with Rustic Oak drawers

How do you furnish a home office?

In the past, working from home was something reserved only for some professionals. Today, thanks to the success of remote working, more and more people work from their own homes, finding themselves having to furnish a real home office.

We often find ourselves dealing with rather confined spaces inside homes, which is why we must identify space-saving solutions in order to create a home modern office. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a small office desk and place it against a wall and near a window. This way you will have natural lighting and having a wall in front will help you concentrate.
    You can also opt for a wall-mounted desk, eliminating any leg space. Otherwise choose a space-saving extendable console that can transform into a table that can seat up to 14 people depending on the need;
  • To make the most of your space, take advantage of the walls using office cabinets with or without doors where you can store what you need and keep everything tidy;
  • Surround yourself with plants. It has been proven that working in a green environment can reduce stress by up to 60%!
  • If you happen to have to host customers, have a couple of armchairs and a coffee table to welcome them!
First, Extendable Console Table, High Gloss White (© my_littleessence)

In conclusion, furnishing a modern office takes time and careful choices, but it is essential for our workplace well-being. If you are looking for more inspiration, you can also read our article on how to furnish a home workspace.