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CLASSIC style: the timeless style

The classic style, although inspired by the “past”, never goes out of fashion.
The past is the lens through which we observe environments; to be interpreted with elegance because time teaches us refinement that never goes out of fashion.

Classic furniture draws its inspiration from two great families: the French style, influenced by the era of Louis XVI, and the Victorian style, of English origin.
The watchword for both styles is however one: Luxury, enhanced in an “almost exasperated” way. A classical house cannot have open spaces like a modern house, on the contrary, more defined and therefore more closed environments are preferred.

Some examples of our Classic collection can perfectly meet the needs of this style:

it is an elegant and particular extending table. Sophisticated lines with attention. Sophisticated lines and attention to detail that can seat up to six people, but when open can seat up to eight.

a precious furnishing element with classic lines that will occupy the living area, completing your living room. Also perfect as an entrance piece thanks to its small size, once opened, it can accommodate up to 14 people.

coffee table with “sabre” legs and glass top that can be opened for storing small collectibles.

Here are some typical features of houses in the classic style:

The floors are made of marble, in dark tones such as brown or light tones such as ivory, enriched by walkable decorations, usually in the form of a wooden floor; decorations usually contrasting with the floors; light colours and walls on dark floors or vice versa. There are many elements and materials available: polished marble, wrought iron but above all wood. The walnut or cherry-coloured wood, perhaps inlaid with pleasantly rounded shapes, should never be missing.

The fabrics designed to complete and finish the classic style are certainly those with a rich texture and unmistakable to the touch such as velvet and silk, enriched by drapery and embroidery in relief. Colours range from natural tones, pastel shades (peach, light green, light blue and yellow) to gold and stronger colours such as purple and blue, and floral patterns, stripes and checks.

Furnishing a classic environment means giving importance and richness to elements of detail. The important thing is to always remember that the classic style does not want combinations of different styles.

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