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How to choose the right bookcase for your home?

A very useful element that allows you to keep objects tidy that otherwise would not find a precise location is the library. Reason to furnish and decorate at the same time, it gives the room a strong aesthetic impact depending on the chosen shape, the materials used and the colours that characterize it.

Once the style has been chosen, it is important to understand the space in which the bookcase is to be placed and to buy it based on certain characteristics such as: height, width and depth.

It is a complement that can be developed vertically or horizontally, filling an entire wall. It can be essential in shape or massive, so much that it becomes the protagonist of the room. In short, the dimensions can be different, the important thing is that the bookcase is proportionate to the size of the room so as not only to be useful and functional, but also beautiful to look at.

There are many types that meet every need and aesthetic taste.
Today we want to talk about the most popular bookcase of the moment:


The dividing bookcase is also called the double-sided model because it does not have a backrest part and is finished on both sides. It is an original piece of furniture designed to divide one or more rooms without resorting to masonry or plasterboard work.

By virtue of the open structure on two sides, the bookcase is transformed into a real dividing element without obstructing the passage of light or the circulation of air. For this reason, in addition to being used as an inter-wall bookcase, it is often positioned in the center of the room, especially in open spaces.

A good solution for the entrance as well: by choosing a low double-sided bookcase, you will get a space-saving and trendy piece of furniture.


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