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How to choose chairs that match the dining table?

In the relationship between table and chairs, all elements must effectively express design and functionality, without one factor going to the detriment of the other.
Tables have an aesthetic value linked to the design of the legs and the used materials but functionality must be the basis of the choice.

First you need to understand which shape and which measures are best suited to the space and then move on to the important choice of chairs.
Beyond the aesthetic compatibility between table and chairs, for the seat to be comfortable there must be a precise proportion between the two furnishings.

In evaluating correct usability, we start from some basic requirements

A chair must be able to be pushed under the table without hindrance such as armrests that touch the top or legs that collide with each other.

The number of chairs must be chosen to ensure freedom of movement and comfort.

The difference between top and seat must be approximately between 28 and 30 cm; For example, if the seat is 42cm high, the table must be about 70 / 75cm high.

In the kitchen chair, the total height should not exceed 90cm because in space, movements are faster and more frequent, so a high backrest risks becoming an annoying obstacle. Too heavy chairs should also be avoided. Particular attention also goes to the materials that must be practical, hygienic and easy to clean.

How to match the chairs to the table? The same or all different chairs?

Let’s now evaluate some color options together:


With a total look you are never wrong, but in any case, it is good to pay attention to the combination with the rest of the furnishings, so as not to overly uniform the room and make it seem “flat”.


If you like to dare try to combine several colors of the same chair, perhaps creating shades. The two-tone has various options for example you can create two distinct blocks with a table of one color and chairs of another. Alternatively, you can combine legs with legs and seat with top or cross the pattern by combining the legs of the chair with the top of the table and the seat with the base.


If there is no strong identity in the living room, try placing different chairs side by side around the table. The secret is to create coherence: to get a good combination, just choose a common thread that can be a color, a line or a decorative pattern.

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